How to Prepare for Moving in Bad Weather

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    Imagine the following scenario: you have spent weeks, possibly even months planning the perfect move. You did your research and hired the best moving professionals in your area, you tediously worked on packing up your belongings, and you even took the trouble of informing everyone close to you of your upcoming change of address. Today is your moving day. You wake up feeling all hopeful, waiting for your LA movers to arrive only to discover that a storm is raging outside. Or it’s so hot outside that you feel like you are about to run out of breath any minute now. Either way, these are all less than ideal weather conditions for moving. But, what are you supposed to do? The only thing that’s up to you is to learn how to deal with moving in bad weather. Learning about it on your moving day will come a few weeks too late.


    It’s raining outside

    When you take into account all the different weather conditions that could happen, rain could be the least hazardous one. Particularly when dealing with light rain. Other than making you and your residential movers LA wear a bit more protective shoes, it can’t do too much damage. But, heavy rain is something else entirely.

    a man in the rain
    There’s a big difference between light and heavy rain.

    How to deal with heavy rain on your moving day?

    No one likes to wake up to the sound of heavy rain. While it may not be anything more than a slight disturbance every other day, heavy rain can be particularly menacing on your moving day. Other than wearing a raincoat and boots with rubber soles, you will have to take extra measures of precaution.

    • Have your local or long distance movers LA park their moving truck as close to your front door as possible.
    • Protect all of your items by wrapping the boxes in either protective packaging or some sheets/linen.
    • Do the best you can to protect your floors and place carboards boxes in order to cover them.
    • Make sure there are enough towels for your movers/friends, generally anyone helping you move.
    • Place doormats in order to minimize the mud and water damage.

    But, before anything else, make sure you keep an eye out on the weather forecast. If the rain will stop in an hour or so, it is a much better decision to wait for things to calm down. Moving in bad weather should be the last resort, something you do when you have no other alternatives.


    The storm paired with strong winds is raging

    Even if you don’t want to admit it, sometimes it’s better to postpone your entire relocation than to move during bad weather. While there are some weather circumstances that will make it harder for you to move, but not impossible, there are those who present a big hazard to your safety. We are responsible movers, and we never agree to move our customers during the storm. Usually, your movers will contact you to reschedule the move. In the rare instances when that doesn’t happen, it’s up to you to contact them. Figure out a deal, but never agree to move in bad weather when there is a storm involved.

    dark clouds
    Whatever you do, never move when there is a storm raging outside. It could be dangerous.

    Moving in bad weather is synonymous with moving during the winter

    Admit it. The first thing that came to mind when you read the title was the winter and the snow. Snow is inevitably followed by ice and sleet, which together form dangerous moving conditions. While moving during the winter does come with certain benefits, like lower moving estimates and greater choice among different companies, it also comes packed with challenges of its own. To overcome these challenges, you will need our tips.

    • On the morning of your move, remove with a shovel all snow that’s accumulated on your porch/driveway.
    • Spill some salted water over the path your movers will use for carrying your items. That will melt away any ice.
    • Protecting your items from the extreme cold will be your primary goal. Isolate them with protective materials.
    • Wear your warmest clothes and dress in layers. Remember to take a sip of a hot beverage every once in a while.

    Watch out from extreme heat, as well

    It is common knowledge that summer is the peak season for moving. Households all around the world choose summer months for relocating to their new homes. While summer moving really does work out in most cases, people forget to factor in the extreme summer heat that is typical for some states. Should you really be moving in the middle of July if you live in California? But worry not. Even if you are forced to move in the summer season, here are some tips on how to protect yourself and your items.

    summer storm
    Relocating in bad weather is something you may have to do even during the summer season.
    • Just like the extreme cold can be damaging for your items, the same applies to intense heat. So, protect your items by wrapping them in protective materials, thus keeping them away from direct sunlight.
    • Unlike the winter weather conditions, where the accent is protecting your items, during the summer, the focus is on you. Always use sunscreen and loads of it.
    • Finally, make sure you are hydrated at all times. Moving during the summer is so dangerous because you can dehydrate easily. Have a bottle of water next to you at all times, and take a sip every half an hour or so.

    The conclusion

    You have to understand that sometimes, it’s better to give up and reschedule your move. Nothing is more important than your health and safety, which may be impaired while moving in bad weather. So, make a good judgment call, and decide whether the weather outside is too extreme or not. Nothing that is extreme can be good, so use that piece of information when making a final decision.

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