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Our long-distance movers have the perfect plan and strategy that will turn your relocation into a total success.

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    Moving to a new environment can be an amazing experience. It can get you excited about the new opportunities or adventures that await at the new place. However, no one is ever excited about all the hassles and challenges that inevitably accompany every relocation. The good news is that SOS Moving and Storage is here to help you make this process as fast and enjoyable as possible. Give us a call and some of the best long distance movers Los Angeles offers will be ready to tend to all of your relocation needs.

    trucks ready for move
    Moving should be exciting. Focus on the positives and let our movers worry about the difficulties.

    Stress is not an option with our LA long distance movers

    Moving symbolizes a fresh start. As such, it shouldn’t have to be associated with problems and anxiety. Unfortunately, for most people, relocation becomes one of the most stressful experiences of their lives. To combat the negative aspects of the process, our California long distance movers approach every relocation with utmost dedication. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. It is exactly why we are one of the moving companies Los Angeles residents are quick to recommend to their friends and family.

    Choose the moving services that will fit your needs

    Long distance movers from California are trained to be respectful, punctual, and careful with your belongings. If you need help with moving, we’ve got you covered. We offer a wide variety of moving services covering every aspect of the moving process:

    Whether you are moving to a different city or state, we can help move your home or office to a new place with a guarantee of safety and efficiency. Our Los Angeles long distance movers are here to make your relocation an enjoyable experience.

    With us by your side, even the most remote locations seem closer

    Moving within the same district or city seems simple enough. It’s true that local relocations are less demanding. However, it certainly doesn’t mean they are either simple or easy. In fact, they have a tendency to become a true nightmare. This is why our long distance movers approach each relocation with extreme attentiveness – no matter how simple it might seem at a glance.

    Movers handling a long distance relocation.
    Move within LA or within the USA, SOS Movers will approach your relocation with equal quality.

    On the other hand, the difficulties and challenges of moving to a different state are clear immediately. Interstate relocations are more complex than a local move. They demand extensive planning and preparation. There are many more things to take care of and decisions to be made. Needles to say, this can quickly lead to anxiety build-up. The help of long distance moving companies Los Angeles based can go a long way toward easing that burden. Our professionals can help you plan your relocation to the smallest detail and then execute it swiftly and safely.

    Welcome the moving day with nothing but enthusiasm

    You shouldn’t spend the last few days before the move doing chores that will leave you exhausted. And packing is one of those activities. It demands an excessive amount of your time and allows for many mistakes. Each one can cause you to lose sleep and stress about the safety of your belongings. So let us save your time and energy with our packing and unpacking services. Our California long distance movers are using only high-quality packing materials to ensure the safety of your possessions. Furthermore, we possess the knowledge and experience to find the perfect packing solutions for your needs. So let us worry about the safety of your belongings, while you focus on making a few more memories in Los Angeles with your friends and family.

    Our long distance movers Los Angeles based are trained to handle even the most difficult of your belongings

    Every household has certain items that are difficult, if not downright impossible to handle. They either require specialized tools or years of experience. In most cases – both. If you own some of them, you will benefit greatly from our following services:

    • Piano moving
    • Furniture moving
    • Appliances moving

    Relocating these objects is one of the specialties of our Los Angeles long distance movers. Ample experience and intense training allow them to handle even the most difficult items. There’s no need to risk the safety of your belongings. Enlist the help of SOS Movers, and we’ll employ our expertise and resources to safely relocate troublesome objects to your new home or office.

    Long distance movers Los Angeles relocating an office
    When it comes to office relocation, you want uncompromising efficiency. The kind that SOS moving professionals offer.

    Different types of moves demand different approaches

    No two moves are the same. Each is unique in its own right and demands different strategies to be executed to perfection. Over the years, we accumulated enough knowledge to allow us to tackle any type of relocation:

    • Condos and apartment relocations can be tricky. Windy staircases and narrow hallways are known nemeses of efficient maneuvering. But not for us! We’ve seen it all, we’ve done it all. No matter how difficult the layout of your building is, we will be up to the challenge.
    • Uprooting your entire household is a long and complicated process. Choose our residential moving services and let us make it simpler.
    • If you are a thriving business owner or an enthusiast looking to turn a hobby into a full-time job, our commercial moving services, will make the transition easier.

    Precise moving estimates and no hidden fees

    Managing the budget is of the utmost importance when you’re planing the move. To make this effort easier, give us a call and request a free moving quote. Our experts will carefully assess the information you provide to ensure you get the most precise estimate possible. You can also take this opportunity to ask us anything that interests you about your move. Our knowledgeable personnel will be happy to answer.

    Send out an SOS, and we’ll come running

    SOS Moving and Storage is dedicated to giving you a high-quality moving experience that will meet your needs, budget, and schedule. As some of the most dedicated long distance movers Los Angeles can offer, we are always ready to come up with ingenious ways to make your relocation strainless. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we’ll make it our mission to give you a seamless transition.

    Customer Reviews

    Gina R.


    Alex and Max were very nice, safe, professional and fast. Worth every penny (plus tip), even at such an affordable rate! Thanks for the smooth covid move!

    Brandon B.


    Great movers. Showed up early, communicated well and finished the job super fast. Wore masks the whole time which is important during these times. Easy breezy, would use again.

    Paula M.


    Masked and on time, they didn't flinch when they saw the disaster of my tiny over crowded house. I have huge cabinets, 20 shelves of books, and a garage full of stuff. They moved it all!

    Celine O.


    I had to move during this very hectic time and I called many movers before finding SOS. I had to be out in 2 days and the other companies wanted to charge me over $1000 for a 3-mile move. Not only that, but they also did NOT have the COVID safety practices that SOS was using. Alex was polite on the…

    Daniel F.


    They were Amazing!! Very efficient and accommodating. Extremely clean during covid times - couldn't recommend them enough!!

    Andy R.


    Eli, and Isaac from sos moving are the absolute best!! They help move me out of my apt into my new home. They are very professional fast very responsible with handling all of my furniture and all items. If you are looking for the best movers look no more SOS Moving and Storage is worth every penny. Thank you! For such an amazing service!


    Included in the price of your move

    Unlimited shrink wrap

    Tape tools


    Basic valuation coverage at $0.60 cents per lb/article

    Packing and unpacking

    Furniture pads and free use of wardrobe boxes

    No truck fee or gas fee

    +$30/hr per additional mover

    NO EXTRA CHARGES OR HIDDEN FEES for stairs, narrow hallways, long walking distance, long carry items, washer/dryer.

    Enjoy a transparent, smooth move with one of the most trusted moving companies Los Angeles. SOS Moving and Storage offers transparent flat rates without hidden fees. Schedule your free and non-obligatory in-home estimate today.

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