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The process of changing a home is never easy. Whether it is a local, or long-distance relocations, it is not only the address that will alter. It is the neighborhood, community, and daily habits that only enhance the hardship of this big transition. As this emotional side of a residential move can be hard to deal with, it would be wise to hire someone to handle the technical part of the relocation. You need people who you can lean on, who are professional and experienced in such endeavors. With SOS Moving, you can rest assured that every moving task will be handled with great care and attention. Contact us and our Los Angeles residential movers will see to it that your move is as pleasant and smooth as it can be. Get a free quote now!

Two clients who are happy with our residential movers Los Angeles located.
Reliable and professional Los Angeles residential movers are simple to find and easy to reach. Just call SOS Moving.

What makes our company your great ally in the moving process?

Having reliable experts by your side during the hectic time of relocation is your way of ensuring everything runs smoothly. And that is exactly what SOS Moving Los Angeles is here to ensure. We understand how troublesome every move can be, and thus extend our services so as to ensure people are able to actually enjoy their big step in life. Feel free to turn to us for any or every one of the following services:

Why is having Los Angeles residential movers by your side so important?

Your residential move will not come down on transporting your things from point A to point B. You will also have a lot of paperwork to handle, as well as fit all of those moving obligations in your schedule. As you can imagine, this can put quite the strain on your nerves, further making you realize why people portray relocations as some of the most stressful periods in their lives.

However, your experience needn’t be of such nature. So long as you have professional and experienced California residential movers by your side. This is where our team shows its shine. It is comprised of hard-working, well-coordinated, and super-efficient individuals, all of which are capable and eager to help you. They will provide a detailed plan of action topped with supreme service. A free moving estimate is available to you as well.

With us, the distance should never concern you

Not with our residential moving team from California. While distance does play a factor in the complexity of a move, our movers will ensure every relocation resembles a walk in the park. Our local movers will see to it that your move is as swift and as efficient as possible. Do not trouble yourself with the tasks of relocation, even if you are moving just a few blocks away. Let the professionals take care of it, and you keep your peace of mind, knowing all will work out just perfectly.

A client ready for a long distance relocation.
Relocation of any distance is like a walk in the park with our moving experts.

When it comes to long-distance moves, the safety of your belongings is the highest priority. And our long-distance moving team knows this best. They will see to it that everything you own is properly packed and prepared for the road ahead, making sure that all of your possessions reach their destination in a pristine state.

Count on us to pack your belongings carefully

Our Los Angeles residential moves are here to help with any or every part of your move. This includes packing – the biggest and most important part of every move. It is also the task that takes up most of your time, which makes our assistance that much more valuable. By entrusting this complex process to us, you are not only ensuring every item is packed in the proper way, but you are also giving yourself enough time to address other, more important matters. Hiring us to take care of your packing process is really killing two birds with one stone.

Heavy furniture and pianos? Not a problem for our professionals

When we said that we are moving experts, we really meant it. You can entrust us with your bulky and heavy furniture pieces, and we will deliver. Our team of furniture movers knows just how to address every piece you may have, providing it with proper support and attention. They will load, transport, and deliver it while employing maximum care and safety techniques. You won’t even have to worry about the safety of your floors and walls in the new place, as they will knowledgeably navigate even through narrow hallways and staircases, making sure nothing happens to your belongings and their surroundings.

A living room with plenty of furniture.
No piece of furniture is too big, heavy, or bulky for our moving professionals.

The piano is probably the most challenging object for transportation. Well, not if our piano moving experts have something to say about it. They know just how to handle this bulky yet delicate item, whilst paying close attention to its wellbeing. Entrust them with this important task, and you will be able to play your precious instrument in no time.

Reach our residential movers in Los Angeles today

Hiring us for our service will spare you a lot of trouble, stress, and even some expenses. We offer a word of counsel to everyone who contacts us. We are the company you can put your trust in, while our Los Angeles residential movers are your dream team for a safe, smooth, and simple relocation. Our goal is to ensure you enjoy your relocation. So, give us a call today, and find out what makes us, SOS Moving, one of your best choices for this important venture. Apply for a free online moving estimate.


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Celine O.


I had to move during this very hectic time and I called many movers before finding SOS. I had to be out in 2 days and the other companies wanted to charge me over $1000 for a 3-mile move. Not only that, but they also did NOT have the COVID safety practices that SOS was using. Alex was polite on the…

Daniel F.


They were Amazing!! Very efficient and accommodating. Extremely clean during covid times - couldn't recommend them enough!!

Alice Y.


I had to move again and I used SOS Moving company. Hesitated to use them since they are pretty new but since the address was close by I said why not. Since my move wasn't going to be right away, I was able to get the date and time frame I requested. The day before my move, the condo I was moving in…