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Our highly-rated long-distance movers will deliver you a blissful cross-country moving experience.

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    Licensed & Insured Long-Distance Moving Company

    Licensed & Insured Long-Distance Moving Company

    Moving your house or business across the country can be tricky if you don’t know how the moving industry works. We are a licensed and insured long-distance moving company that we will make sure that you get clarity about the entire moving process.

    Our long-distance moving experts would show up with the necessary supplies and tools while handling fragile items with extra care. We will use the best techniques to pack, transport, and unpack your belongings.

    We pay attention to details and ensure that your walls, doors, and floors are protected during your relocation. Our customer service will communicate where your belongings are during the journey. Request a free quote now.

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    Why Choose SOS Moving?

    • Licensed and Insured

      Apart from having highly skilled experts, we are licensed and insured to carry out moves nationwide.

    • 5-Star Reviews

      We completed hundreds of moves, and our customers do not hesitate to share their moving experiences with the world.

    • Quality Supplies

      Be assured that we are all about the safety of your belongings. All supplies undergo a strict quality control process.

    • Customer Service

      We prioritize customer satisfaction and consistently communicate with our clients throughout the moving process.

    Our Long-Distance Moving Reviews

    Dan J.
    Dan J.
    21:58 20 Apr 22
    I had a move from Annaheim to West Hollywood, 2 bedroom apartment with appliances and heavy furnitures.SOS guys came punctual, polite and entertaining. My whole move day was way easier and fun than i expected. Thanks for SOS for making my move so easy, that i could do my other own stuffs to do, while guys were moving my whole house.
    Amir U.
    Amir U.
    18:44 20 Sep 21
    I was moving from Koreatown to Santa Monica. Movers arrived on time, picked up my stuff really quickly and most importantly very safe! They finished everything in 5 hours, so I had money left to give them generous tip.Definitely recommend this company! Will call them again when I will move next time

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You should schedule your move date as early as you can. For long-distance moves, we recommend getting a quote at least 2-4 weeks before your move date.

    Our goal is to deliver safe relocations, so we’ll provide you with a list of items that are prohibited to transport. It includes perishables, hazardous materials, firearms, batteries, etc.

    We also don’t recommend packing your personal and irreplaceable items, including family heirlooms, family photos, jewelry, documents, etc. Carry them with you during the move.

    We can move your house plants locally. Movers will do their best to pack then properly and strap them down in our truck.

    For long-distance relocations, we recommend transporting your pets, plants, and fish using specialized shipping services. Moving companies cannot ensure that they’ll be transported safely when moving long-distance.

    Make a checklist of items you’ll need during the move, such as food, water, medications, a comfortable carrier, etc., for your pets and plants.

    Yes, we move pianos, antiques, paintings, fragile items, etc., across the country. Our movers are trained to handle those items with extra care using specialized equipment and necessary tools and supplies. Mention to your Moving Coordinator that you have special items to be moved long-distance.

    Every move is unique, and it’s hard to anticipate the total number of hours and give you a blind estimate.

    The length of the move depends on several conditions, such as the distance between the origin and destination, amount of things to move, the width of stairways and doorways, stairs, parking situation, walking distance to the truck, special services, etc.

    If you are on a tight budget, we recommend doing some of the packing yourself to cut down the time and save money in total. Otherwise, we can do full packing of your kitchen, miscellaneous items, media, personal items, etc., for you at no extra cost, but you will still be paying for the total number of hours our movers will spend on your move.

    We suggest adding additional movers if any of the following conditions apply:

    • Small or no elevator at any of the buildings;
    • Long walking distance to the truck at any of the locations;
    • More than 1 flight of stairs at any of the locations.

    Once our moving professionals arrive at your place and walk through to determine loading conditions, the number of items you have, etc. Based on the gathered information, they will be able to give you an estimate of how long it might take to complete your move.

    We take special care with your furniture and special items, such as pianos, sculptures, paintings, dishes, and other fragile items.

    We wrap your furniture using heavy-duty moving blankets to prevent scratches and place them carefully inside our moving trucks.

    Your long-distance moving cost depends on the volume of your belongings, the distance to be traveled, and any special services. There also may incur additional charges such as tolls, parking permits, stair carries, elevator charges, long carries, etc. Contact us to get a more accurate estimate for your upcoming move.

    A long-distance move is considered to be any move over 150 miles. Moves that cross state lines are also called out-of-state, interstate, or cross-country.

    Yes, we’ll contact you before delivery. We’ll deliver your belongings within the given moving arrival window. In case the window is no longer possible, we’ll also contact you in advance and set another delivery time.

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