Tips for Moving Carpets and Rugs in La

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    Are you getting ready for a move to LA? A move can seem very complicated at times but if you divide it into smaller parts it can get easier. For example, something that people don’t think about when moving is carpets and rugs and how to get them to your new place in LA. For that reason, our California movers decided to give out some advice on all the details of moving carpets and rugs that can end up very useful to you.


    Plan ahead when moving carpets and rugs in LA

    Like any aspect of moving, even carpets and rugs need your attention. For that reason, it’s not a bad idea to create a plan for them too. We know that relocating is hard and might get you to act in a hurry, but staying organized will help you out in even a rushed move. If you want to have an easy time moving, then following tips from our Los Angeles apartment movers might be the right thing for you. Here are the things that you need to figure out before moving carpets and rugs:

    • Create time for your carpets and rugs in your moving schedule
    • Make sure you find a working vacuum and cleaning supplies
    • Find the packing materials you need
    Rolled up packing paper
    Get sure you get enough packing materials when moving carpets and rugs in LA

    Make sure your carpets and rugs are clean and dry

    In a perfect world, you would hire professional carpet cleaners to prepare your carpets and rugs for moving. However, that’s not always an option. In that case, you should take some time and learn how to clean carpets and rugs. You should never move a dirty item to a new and clean home. Before cleaning, our residential movers LA will always advise you to fully vacuum them before you get to cleaning. After that, deep cleaning would be a great choice, but don’t forget to dry them out, as moisture can inflict a lot of damage.


    Roll and tie up the carpets and rugs

    Depending on how big your rugs and carpets are you might need some help. If you’re doing it alone or with help, start rolling from the short side. For the best results try putting a tube in the center of the carpet or rug. That will make the job of rolling them up much easier than without it. Don’t forget to use a fine rope to tie the carpets and rugs up as it will stop them from unrolling inside the moving truck while on the road. Just don’t overdo it with the tightening up as it can damage the fibers.

    Man rolling up the carpet while his girlfriend is browsing the internet
    It’s important to roll up and tie the carpets and rugs well to prevent damages and mishaps during the move

    Don’t forget to protect when moving carpets and rugs

    When relocating carpets and rugs in LA you want them to be protected at all times. By doing that you’ll make sure they don’t pick up dust and dirt while moving. However, avoid using plastic materials for wrapping and protection as they might create moisture that can damage your carpets and rugs. Our movers from California to Florida will always recommend that you use paper wrapping or bedsheets. Anything made from cotton that can cover up rugs and carpets will do in this case.

    Moving to LA is a big task that needs your full attention. The best way to simplify your move is to start with smaller and easier assignments. One of those smaller tasks you can do is preparing for moving carpets and rugs in LA by giving them all the care they need. Firstly, keeping your carpets clean will help a lot in the process of moving and everything that follows will be much easier if you constantly take care of your carpets and rugs. Enjoy your new home in LA!

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