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Our apartment movers have the perfect plan and strategy that will turn your relocation into a total success.

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    Apartment relocations can sometimes be surprisingly difficult and complicated. Even though compared to houses, apartments are usually smaller and contain fewer items, steep staircases and narrow hallways, amongst other things, can turn your relocation into a demanding process. One that cannot be completed successfully without a team of experienced Los Angeles apartment movers to assist you. If you are preparing to move out of your apartment and want to hire professionals, SOS Moving and Storage is at your disposal. We are a reputable moving company, specialized in all types of relocations. A team of well-equipped and skillful experts will be there to provide you with various moving services you require. Contact us and we will start working on the details of your apartment relocation right away.

    Our Los Angeles apartment movers doing their job.
    You can rely on our movers to handle your relocation seriously.

    SOS Moving and Storage offers a variety of services to cover all your relocation needs

    No matter whether you are moving your home locally, long-distance, or interstate, some of the best California apartment movers are ready to give you a hand. You can hire us as labor-only or you can let us handle your relocation completely. Whatever you choose, we promise you our full dedication and responsiveness. Browse through our catalog of moving services. Decide whether there is anything that you might need during your transition. We offer you:

    We understand that it is not easy to choose between so many options.  Therefore, we will give you a few hints based on our professional experience. People who hired us for their apartment relocations often needed help with packing, moving their piano or similar bulky items, as well as other more difficult belongings. Apartment movers in Los Angeles can handle it all and have separate services as a solution for each of these problematic situations. You just have to know what you need.

    Los Angeles apartment movers can provide you with professional packing services

    Even though apartments can often be small with not too many items, packing them usually requires a lot of time and effort. SOS moving understands that packing is the biggest obstacle on your stress-free moving path. That is why our apartment movers in California offer professional packing and unpacking services. If you want to alter potentially tiring and stressful relocation into a smooth and carefree experience, hiring our team of professional packers is the best way to do it.

    Rest assured that we have professional packers who know exactly how to approach each office or household item.

    We will provide you with first-class packing materials such as quality moving boxes, bubble wraps, packing peanuts, and packing tapes. Using these supplies, we will pack your items safely and securely. Our experienced packers will also wrap up your apartment in a matter of hours, as well as unpack everything upon delivery if you so request.

    Allow our professionals to handle your piano properly

    Moving a bulky item such as a piano or a pool table out of an apartment is a demanding task. Carrying a piano across curvy staircases through narrow hallways requires careful planning, proper tools and equipment, and a few pairs of experienced hands. Anything less and you are risking an injury or at least damage to your piano or property.

    To avoid this, hire our moving experts from Los Angeles and let them deal with it. Our piano moving professionals will disassemble any type of piano, pack it, and safely remove it taking advantage of our modern equipment and vast experience. Remember that this will probably one of the most difficult tasks during your relocation process. That is why we strongly recommend hiring professional help.

    Simplify your relocation by letting us take care of your furniture and appliances

    If you are moving with your furniture, you might find that disassembling and packing it before the move is a complicated process that requires a lot of effort. Furniture is heavy and bulky. To disassemble it, it usually requires a lot of maneuvering. If you are on your own, how will you manage it? A lot of people realize this at the last moment which can further bring other complications. If you think that you will have trouble with handling your furniture, do not forget to hire some of the best apartment movers in Los Angeles, and our furniture disassembling services.

    By hiring our furniture movers, you can be sure that your furniture is in the right hands. Your pieces will be taken apart, carefully wrapped and protected, and assembled upon delivery. Simplify your relocation. Let our LA movers handle your furniture.

    safe in the hands of our movers
    Your appliances will be safe in the hands of our Los Angeles apartment movers.

    We have noticed that a lot of our customers in Los Angeles have trouble handling their appliances during a move. Appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, cooking stoves are heavy items and we understand that not everyone has the means to move them. Conveniently, we have everything from equipment to experienced employees who know every angle and have handled many, many more appliances before.

    Our professional appliance movers know how to properly move all sorts of devices. All the while handling them carefully and providing them with necessary protection throughout your relocation.

    Our LA apartment movers are a phone call away

    If you require professionals who can offer you their assistance through all of the previously mentioned services, then SOS Moving and Storage is the company for you. We are a reputable moving company with experience and can help you during your entire relocating process by sending our Los Angeles apartment movers your way. If you want to make sure that a well-equipped and devoted moving crew will handle your relocation, give us a call today or get a free online moving estimate. If you like our offer we can start preparing a custom plan to suit your relocation needs.

    Customer Reviews

    Gina R.


    Alex and Max were very nice, safe, professional and fast. Worth every penny (plus tip), even at such an affordable rate! Thanks for the smooth covid move!

    Brandon B.


    Great movers. Showed up early, communicated well and finished the job super fast. Wore masks the whole time which is important during these times. Easy breezy, would use again.

    Paula M.


    Masked and on time, they didn't flinch when they saw the disaster of my tiny over crowded house. I have huge cabinets, 20 shelves of books, and a garage full of stuff. They moved it all!

    Celine O.


    I had to move during this very hectic time and I called many movers before finding SOS. I had to be out in 2 days and the other companies wanted to charge me over $1000 for a 3-mile move. Not only that, but they also did NOT have the COVID safety practices that SOS was using. Alex was polite on the…

    Daniel F.


    They were Amazing!! Very efficient and accommodating. Extremely clean during covid times - couldn't recommend them enough!!

    Andy R.


    Eli, and Isaac from sos moving are the absolute best!! They help move me out of my apt into my new home. They are very professional fast very responsible with handling all of my furniture and all items. If you are looking for the best movers look no more SOS Moving and Storage is worth every penny. Thank you! For such an amazing service!


    Included in the price of your move

    Unlimited shrink wrap

    Tape tools


    Basic valuation coverage at $0.60 cents per lb/article

    Packing and unpacking

    Furniture pads and free use of wardrobe boxes

    No truck fee or gas fee

    +$30/hr per additional mover

    NO EXTRA CHARGES OR HIDDEN FEES for stairs, narrow hallways, long walking distance, long carry items, washer/dryer.

    Enjoy a transparent, smooth move with one of the most trusted moving companies Los Angeles. SOS Moving and Storage offers transparent flat rates without hidden fees. Schedule your free and non-obligatory in-home estimate today.

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