How to Protect Your Belongings From the Rain While Moving

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    Moving isn’t an easy task on the best of days, that’s a fact. When you add rain and bad weather into the process, it can turn into a nightmare. This surely isn’t the best-case scenario for your ideal moving day. Especially when you have to cover up all your items extra, protecting them from the rain. However, if this happens, the only thing you can do is to make the best out of a bad situation. We are here to tell you how to protect your belongings from the rain while moving. You can make your moving day a success and get your items safely to your new home.


    Hire professionals to protect your belongings from the rain before you move

    Surely, it’s hard to predict whether you’ll be moving during a rainstorm or on a sunny day. However, you might get a clue by following weather forecasts. First of all, we advise you to check the weather forecast to see if your moving day will be rainy or not. Also, if you’re moving during autumn, there’s a high chance of the weather being bad and rainy. So, after you know what to expect from the weather, we advise you to consult the best moving companies Los Angeles has. As professionals, they have a full-proof way to protect your possessions from the rain. They will handle your rainy relocation without problems.

    Rain pouring on an outdoor table
    Professionals know best how to protect your belongings when moving during the rain.

    Tips to protect your belongings from getting wet on moving day

    After you’ve hired the best commercial movers Los Angeles offers to conduct your relocation, it’s time for preparation. You have to prepare your belongings for the move on rainy days. So, before your movers arrive, there are things you can do to protect your items from the rain.


    Wrap your belongings and protect them from the rain

    While moving in the rain, it’s crucial to protect your belongings. You don’t want them to get damaged or ruined. For instance, cardboard boxes won’t survive getting soaking wet. Therefore, you need to make sure to protect your belongings by wrapping and covering everything you can. We suggest you use materials that are waterproof to ensure everything stays dry. Also, just to be sure, you can use plastic containers for packing instead of cardboard boxes.


    Gather all the boxes in one place where they will be dry

    While talking about boxes, it’s important to say that you should gather all the boxes in one place. We recommend placing them near the front door. This way, loading the moving truck will be so much easier. Especially if rain starts pouring on your moving day. While the movers have experience with relocating during rainstorms, it won’t hurt to help them out a bit. Also, pay special attention to packing fragile items for relocation, especially during rainy days.

    A pile of cardboard boxes that will help you protect your belongings from the rain
    Place all of your moving boxes in one place, preferably inside your home to protect them from getting wet.

    While protecting your belongings from the rain, don’t forget about the safety

    Another important thing when moving during a rainstorm is to avoid someone getting injured. Logically, it can get dangerous because everything will get wet, including the floors. That’s why it’s important to protect the floors as well. While protecting the floors, you will also protect your belongings from the influence of the water.

    • First, place non-slip mats on the floors. They will prevent someone from slipping and falling. Also, it will protect the bottom of your cardboard boxes, eventually protecting the items that are inside them.  Not only they’ll make sure nobody gets hurt, but it’ll also save you from cleaning up the mud later.
    • Also, some of the items you can use to protect your belongings from the rain are a few towels. You are going to need the towels to keep your hands dry while packing for relocation.

    More advice on how to protect your items from the influence of the rain

    Wrap them up

    One of the ways to prepare is to use a plastic moving wrap or stretch wrap to cover boxes and furniture. In case you don’t have it, you can also use garbage bags. For bigger items, use tarps, but be sure to secure these with tape. That will avoid moisture from getting inside. However, if the moving boxes will be exposed to rain only while being carried to the truck, that’s enough protection.


    Line moving boxes from the inside

    In case the forecast shows a chance of rain on your moving day, consider this way of protecting your belongings. For lining the boxes, you can use garbage bags, then simply pack all your items in the bag. When done, just seal the bag and then seal the moving box. This will keep your stuff dry on the inside, even if the boxes get wet while moving. Another good option for moving your clothes while raining is to put them just in garbage bags. That will keep them dry and protect them from the rain while moving.


    Make a loading and unloading strategy to protect your belongings from the rain while moving

    It’s important to decrease the amount of time that your moving boxes are exposed to the rain. You can achieve that by making a clear plan on how to load the moving truck. So, generally, we find it best to place the large items at the back of the moving truck. As for the small and light items, place them last to fill out the middle and front of the truck. By planning this strategy ahead of time, you’ll reduce stress on your moving day. Also, you’ll properly protect your items from the rain while you’re moving.

    A moving truck parked under a tree
    Properly loading a moving truck on your moving day will protect your boxes from the rain.

    Is it hard to protect your belongings from the rain while moving?

    As you can see, protecting your items from the rain isn’t so hard. All you have to do is to plan and do a little more work than usual. That way, you’ll protect your belongings from the rain while moving without any problem. We wish you good luck and safe relocation.

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