Pre-move Measuring Checklist

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    When we talk about the moving process, it is important to talk about measuring your belongings before the move. This is something you have to do to safely move your items. Not only that, but you will know what kind of packing materials to get, as well as how big of a truck to rent. And if you need, you will rent a properly sized storage unit. Here you will find out how to create a pre-move measuring checklist and plan your move with your movers LA. Use these tips for a safe relocation.


    What to include in the pre-move measuring checklist

    It doesn’t matter what kind of relocation you are planning, like small, big, international, local, etc. You will always have to do this before you move out. So, here are the items and stuff you have to measure when moving:

    • How far and wide are the doorsteps
    • Pay close attention to staircases
    • Distances between the doors and walls
    • Measure all the big and bulky belongings you have like furniture and other items
    • If you can, disassemble and then measure some furniture pieces
    • Take measures of the vehicles you are using if you are transporting the furniture by yourself.
    doorsteps you need to measure as a part of the pre-move measuring checklist
    The pre-move measuring checklist includes measuring doorsteps

    These are the very first steps you need to take if you wish to move without having any issues whatsoever. Now, as you might know, moving and packing can be really hard. Which is why you need to consider getting packing services Los Angeles for your move. When the professionals are handling your belongings, you will know that the move will be safe.


    Think about the items that need special care

    It is easy to forget that we have some items in our homes that we can’t pack like any other item. That is why you need to take some special preparation to move them properly. And that includes taking their measurements. These are the items that require not only special care but custom boxes as well. Have this in mind when you have to measure:

    • If you have artwork to move, like paintings, then this is something you need to do
    • Don’t forget to take measures of mirrors
    • A lot of kitchen dishes and appliances are fragile and extremely prone to damages. This is why taking their measures is important.

    These are some special items you need to measure if you want to move them properly. It is important to remember this if you plan on moving your business. It can prove to be really difficult if you don’t take measures. For everything else, there are always good commercial movers Los Angeles ready to help you. Only professional commercial movers know the value of time when moving a business.

    a kitchen appliance
    Make sure to measure the kitchen appliances

    Details are important

    As we mentioned before, measuring your furniture is very important! Don’t let yourself get caught in a situation where you have no space for them in your new home. Yes, it is a long and tiring process, but taking a measure of your furniture pieces is something you have to do. Always start with big items you plan to move first. They are the ones that will take a lot of free space in your new home, after all.  Also, items like bed mattresses are easy to forget when doing this task. Finishing this will allow you to get all the necessary packing supplies before moving.

    These details are important when you plan on moving interstate. Not just because of the moving in process, but for packing and transport as well. You have a long way ahead to cross, so you will have to be safe at any time. And what better way to organize a safe move than with the help of Los Angeles Interstate Movers. The best thing you can do for yourself and your belongings is to move with professionals.


    Why is measuring important

    As you already know, not only will you be able to gather all the packing supplies you will need for your move, but you will have an opportunity to plan your interior design in your new home. And all that before you move in. This step is really important because it will make trailering easier. Trailering is a process where you will distribute your heavy items properly in the moving truck. It is something you need to do to avoid any kind of problems and issues when driving. It is a safety precaution advised by many skilled transporters.

    a measuring tape
    With measuring, we can plan the interior of our new home

    When you have proper measurements of all the items you want to move, you will know how big of a moving truck to ask for. And by that, we mean the trailer. If you take the much bigger trailer, then you will have to pay a lot more for your move. Too small, and you won’t move your items. Knowing the right measures will allow you to get just the right type and size of the moving truck trailer. Make sure to do this before you move out if you wish to have a nice and secure move.

    By now you know what the pre-move measuring checklist is and what to pay attention to when doing it. It is very important to take this step if you wish to organize a stressless and easy move. We hope our article gave you enough information on what to do when moving. We have a lot of interesting articles you can read on our blog as well. There you can find all the tips and tricks you will use when moving away. So make sure to visit it before you head out to move.

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