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    There are a lot of mistakes that you can make when going through a relocation. After all, it is a complicated process and most people make a mistake or two here and there. However, some of the moving mistakes you should avoid can have a significant impact on your moving experience. That is why you need to make sure that you make as few of them as possible, ideally none. The first thing that you need to do is hire a moving company, such as SOS moving CA, right? Well, doing it the day before the relocation is a really common mistake which can cost you money. In this article, we are going to extrapolate on that, and on many other common moving mistakes.

    a worried woman sitting at the table
    If you wait until the last moment to hire movers, you might run into issues.

    The most common moving mistakes you should avoid when relocating

    Here’s a small list of the most common culprits:

    • Contacting your mover the day or two before the move
    • Not transferring your utilities
    • Not having a moving checklist
    • Procrastinating the decluttering process
    • Waiting for the last minute to pack
    • Refusing to ask your friends for help
    • Forgetting about moving insurance

    Contacting your mover the day or two before the move

    One of the mistakes that can cost you quite a bit of money is contacting your movers too late. First of all, you may have trouble finding a company that can even complete the relocation in that short amount of time. Second, even if you do, they will have to manage their time and resources in a short time, which can incur an additional cost. This is exacerbated even further if you are looking into a state to state relocation and searching for movers California to Colorado, for example. Planning a long-distance relocation takes time and doing it in a few days is either impossible or costly. Therefore, try not to make this mistake in the first place. Book your movers ahead of time, ideally several weeks, or even months before the relocation.


    Not transferring your utilities

    The second critical mistake is not transferring your utilities in time. It is easy to take electricity, gas, the internet, etc. for granted, after all. The way many commit this mistake is that they think their new home comes with all the utilities already on. While this may be the case in some homes, most often it is not. There are few things worse in life than coming to a home that does not have electricity, so you will want to avoid going through it. The lack of utilities may also hamper the efforts of your movers West Los Angeles, as well. And, of course, if they have to work in unplanned, difficult, conditions, it may reflect on the cost of your move. This means that this can be a real costly mistake, as well as a really inconvenient one.


    One of the moving mistakes you should avoid – Not having a moving checklist

    This is a mistake that can create many more mistakes. If you don’t have a list of tasks that you need to accomplish, it will be much easier to forget about some of them. Some people think that they can keep everything in their head. After all, there is really not that much to do, “I got it”. And then the relocation process takes its place and space inside your head suddenly gets filled with many necessities that require your immediate attention. This is especially true if you are undergoing a business move. You may need to communicate with your commercial movers Los Angeles while dealing with all the things that your business needs, at the same time. In that situation, it is really easy to forget about something if you don’t have it written down. Make the checklist, it is fast and easy, and it will serve you well.


    Procrastinating the decluttering process

    Decluttering is something that most relocations require. This process can save you a considerable sum of money by reducing your moving costs. Therefore, procrastinating on it is a serious mistake to make. Not only will it make it harder to do, due to time constraints, but it will also make it more likely that you throw away something that you can still use. Having less time to think about which items to keep and which to throw away makes everything more difficult. Always have this in mind when you are procrastinating. You will have more and more things to do as the moving day comes closer, after all, which will make decluttering even more tedious. So, start and finish early and you will have no problems.

    pile of clutter
    Avoid dealing with all the clutter at the last minute. It will be easier that way.

    Waiting for the last minute to pack

    You can start to see a trend here. Most common moving mistakes involve doing something at the last minute. Packing your belongings is one of them. While you do want to pack some of your items at the end, as you are still using them, most can be safely packed in advance. The easiest way is to start packing a couple of items each day, as soon as you know that you will be moving. Start with the rooms that you are not using that much, such as the basement or the attic. You can also pack seasonal items ahead of time. Always try to have the least number of items possible to pack when the moving day comes. Even if you are using packing services, doing this is advisable as it will save you money.


    Another of the moving mistakes you should avoid – Refusing to ask your friends for help

    Every move can benefit from extra pairs of hands. Therefore, it is a mistake not even asking for some help from your friends or family. With their help, everything is going to be a lot easier, and everyone will enjoy the experience. Helping others brings satisfaction in people, after all, so think of that before you decide you don’t need any assistance. Your friends will be there for you, but you need to do your part and ask them for help.

     male in hoodie sitting on a sofa and a man with glasses behind
    Staying silent and not asking for help is another common moving mistake.

    Forgetting about moving insurance

    Lastly, this is something that only plays out in unfortunate relocations. But it is still a grave mistake to make if your belongings end up having an accident. Standard insurance only covers around 60 cents per pound and is usually not enough to cover the value of your items. You need to make sure that whatever happens, you are going to be reimbursed accordingly, especially if your shipment is valuable beyond what its weight would indicate.

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