How to Choose the Right Size of Moving Boxes

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    Once you decide that it’s the right time to relocate your home, you will have to make sure that you do it right. And, getting your belongings relocated as well, is not hard at all if you know what you have to do to make them safe. Getting high-quality packing supplies is definitely one of those things. But it’s not all about the quality. You need to know what size of moving boxes your belongings require. This way, some of the best California movers will be able to relocate everything without any damage. And, you will have an amazing moving day as well. We are here to help you learn how to choose the right moving boxes.


    Why is it important that you get the right size of moving boxes?

    Making sure that you get the right size of moving boxes is really important for any relocation. It is the only way for some of the best furniture movers Los Angeles offers to relocate your home. So, you need to be able to find out what are the moving boxes you need to get. It’s important to do it right so you have enough space to add the packing supplies inside the box, but avoid leaving your belonging’s ability to move around the box as well.

    A dog in a box
    The only thing that matters when choosing the size of the moving boxes is the size of the items you need to pack

    You will make sure it won’t get damaged this way and that is what matters the most when you start moving. But, finding efficient, yet careful movers is important as well. If they understand that your belongings are important to you, they will move them with caution so you can be sure that everything will be moved without issues.


    New or used moving boxes?

    Deciding if you want to get used or new moving boxes is important since it will help you decide on the moving budget. Old moving boxes might be a great solution if you get them for one portion of your belongings. The things that are not fragile are a great example of when you can use used moving boxes. Your clothes, stuffed animals, and similar items can be easily moved in old moving boxes since they are not heavy, or fragile. But, for your fragile, breakable, and important belongings, new moving boxes are the right solution. If you get a packing service, they will find it much easier to pack everything in new moving boxes. So, this decision is up to you.


    How do you decide what size of moving boxes you need to get?

    You need to know what size of moving boxes you need and that is never an easy thing to do. So, you have to take a good look at your belongings and that is the only way to do this. Only the size and the number of your belongings determine how many and what size of moving boxes you need to get. And, you will do it in no time if you know what to look for.

    Once you start packing, you will be able to choose the right boxes in no time

    The different sizes you need to get

    Here are some examples of the moving boxes you need to choose and mind the size:

    • Fragile things should be packed in a box, one item, one box. You need a box slightly larger for each of these items. Place the bubbly wrap inside a box, place the item you wrapped and put some packing peanuts inside as well. The items will be safe this way.
    • Plates also need a box that is a bit larger than all the plates stacked one on top of another. You will have to get as many of these boxes as you have stacks of plates.
    • Get many small moving boxes for your books and other heavy items. If you pack many of these in a large box, you won’t be able to move it.
    • For your clothes, you can get large trash bags, and even pack the clothes on the hangers by simply placing them in a bag. The same goes for every other type of belongings you won’t damage. You can even get used moving boxes for these.
    • When it comes to appliances, you should use the original boxes. Or the ones that are similar in size to those.
    • For other small items, you can use a medium to large box and pack them more than once in each of them.
    • Get a medium-sized box for shoes as well.
    • Mirrors and paintings should be carefully moved in suitable moving boxes too, but preferably with the help of great art movers. The same goes for the statues and other art.

    You can be sure that you will have a great move as soon as you get your packing supplies. Your residential movers will surely do a great job in no time if you pack your belongings the right way! And, with the right size of moving boxes, the packing will be much easier.

    A woman packing
    Once you get everything you need for pacing, you will be done in no time

    You will do just fine

    You will have a great move, so just take a good look at your belongings and make sure you know what size of moving boxes you are looking for. As soon as you know what are those moving boxes that you need, get them and start packing your belongings. Start with the ones you don’t often use, and continue with the ones you won’t use before you relocate. This way, you will have enough time to pack everything and move without any issues. And the best thing is that once you decide that you want to make this move easy for you and your moving crew, you should get new moving boxes and high-quality moving supplies as well. You will certainly have a great move!

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