How to Boost Your Relocation Budget

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    Relocations are definitely not very affordable, even though they are quite common and often required in the life of an American, a  young adult American especially. This is because moving is not a simple, straightforward process as it might first appear. Relocating someone’s entire life dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of miles away is an industry for a reason. It is a complex affair that requires specialized tools, skills, and logistical capabilities that can only be provided by moving companies that are dedicated to the task of providing such services. Not to mention the requirements for storage, packaging supplies, and the rest of the associated costs. With all of this in mind, it is easy to see why you would wish to boost your relocation budget. Luckily, we have you covered.


    How is the moving quote set?

    So first things first. Even if you moved before, the moving quote formula might have stayed a secret to you. Therefore, it would be beneficial for us to start with that topic.

    Moving quotes Los Angeles and around the country work on a formula that is pretty much standard. Sure, there are some deviations, however, the main way of deciding how much will your move cost can be described by four main variables: distance, weight, time, additional services. With that in mind, let us explain further what these mean.
    highway and a moving truck
    How much will the moving quote be?

    So, when it comes to calculating the moving cost, these are the variables you should look into:

    • Distance – The distance is possibly the most obvious part of the formula. It would stand to reason that moving a long way away will cost more. However, distance is not just a fee that grows by every mile. It plays a role in determining the value of the other variables. By distance, relocation can really be either Long distance or Local.
    • Weight and volume -Weight and volume are the primary cost determine when it comes to long-distance relocation since they are in a direct correlation to fuel consumption.
    • Time and effort – However, if you are seeking to boost your relocation budget on a short distance relocation, focusing on cutting the time and effort that the company will have to exert for you will save you more money than cutting weight.
    • Special services – Finally, no two relocations are the same and it is to be expected you will have to hire some additional services. These will cost you, of course. If you are working with a reputable long distance and local movers in California, you can expect this to be a clear set price.

    How to save money and boost your relocation budget

    A good way to save money when relocating is to do it yourself. Now, of course, not everyone has a truck sitting around ready for relocation, but as we hinted previously, you can do some things alone, without the help of the movers, thus cutting the costs. The first thing to come to mind is not using any packing services Los Angeles based. They are very convenient, sure, but if you want you can learn how to pack yourself and get packing supplies for free! Yup, a lot of people simply give these for free on Craiglist. Not to mention that most shops will have a ton of cardboard boxes just lying around.

    boost your relocation budget - squeezing pennies
    You will need every last penny!

    By packing by yourself you are definitely saving money. However, be careful. A badly packed item can be damaged in the truck or during moving to no fault of the moving crew, rendering its repair or loss to be a higher cost than if you simply paid for the packing services. Therefore, either be sure to have enough time to learn how to do it properly or simply pay for it. Counterintuitively, that might be a cheaper option when risk is factored in.


    Ask for help

    Los Angeles residential movers are there to help you, sure, but movers are companies and they work for a profit. If you wish to boost your relocation budget you will have to get some help that will cost you a drink and a pizza, not money. In other words, get your friends to help you load and unload the items, with movers providing the bare minimum of labor. That way you will save movers a lot of time, and yourself quite a bit of money. Of course, be sure that you do actually repay the favor of your friends with well-deserved drinks and snacks.


    Find good movers

    Movers are very valuable to the moving process, naturally. However, there are those movers that are simply not up to the task or are even malicious scammers. In both cases, you are probably paying less money than for the real movers, but taking a huge risk with your possessions.

    So what is a good way to boost your relocation budget while also taking into account necessary professionalism in a mover? Short answer –Yelp and other reviewing platforms.

    an opened laptop
    How to find good movers in the sea of other options

    The longer answer goes like this. Moving companies are easier to find than ever before. Consequently, it is easier to get overwhelmed by the choices presented. That is why it is important to know what you are looking for and where to find it. Be sure that you are looking for reliable, yet affordable moving services. When you have your preferred price range set, go to reviewing platforms, and search by popularity. That way you can see the record of a company and know who you are working with.


    Plan thoroughly!

    A final tip would be to start planning as soon as possible. That is the best way to boost your relocation budget. Give it time to form and give yourself time to save money where you can while still getting the service you need at an acceptable level. Be sure that you write your budget down. Having things on paper just feels more “set in stone” for the lack of a better comparison.

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