Guide for Moving During the Holidays to NYC

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    What a year 2020 has been! Keeping yourself together and thinking about your loved ones was surely overwhelming. With this, if you are moving during the holidays to NYC – you’re in for a ride. Of course, simply calling SOS Moving and Storage Los Angeles will make your relocation easier. Once you call us, sit back, get yourself a cup of some warm drink and let us help you with some tips and tricks for your upcoming move.


    Moving during the holidays can be overwhelming

    Relocation to NYC is an exciting event. Still, if you are moving during the holidays to New York City, it can all be a bit overwhelming. So – why is this happening? What is so unusual about the holidays and why do they cause not only joy but also mild sadness? Here’s what some studies show:

    old photo when moving during the holidays
    During the holidays, you can find more time to remember some moments from the past that evoke warm feelings.

    Nostalgic memories are personal experiences

    When you start moving, you are in a special state of mind. Besides trying to find the right movers California to New York you may be flooded with memories. Memories are the moments that our subconscious thought considers the most important. During the holidays, you can find more time to remember some moments from the past that evoke warm feelings or people who are no longer with you, and with whom you enjoyed spending the holidays.


    Memories are connected to social events as well as holidays

    Almost all nostalgic moments involve other people: romantic partners, family members, close friends. As a rule, people seem to remember these people during the holidays. It’s so nice to remember what happened some years ago.


    Holidays are special events

    It is unlikely that someone will be nostalgic when paying bills in a certain month, while calling movers Los Angeles county or when going to work. But for example, if you communicated with someone special while paying bills or going to work – there is your piece of nostalgia.


    Nostalgia gives a feeling of stability

    There are many changes and new experiences in life – moving, changing jobs, or losing a loved one. And relocating during holiday basically has two major events merged into one. And it’s reasonable that you are under stress. However, remembering beautiful events from the past can motivate you, and can even give you a sense of stability, a sense of significance, and purpose.

    holiday decorations
    It is unlikely that someone will be nostalgic when paying bills in a certain month.

    Nostalgia refers to the future

    It may sound strange, but research has shown that people trapped in nostalgic memories have more self-confidence in their future and are more optimistic. Thus, nostalgia reminds people of the importance of communication with other people, and that is always useful for new acquaintances. The holidays are also dedicated to both the past and the future: nostalgia for the past holidays while we look forward to the next ones.


    Holidays in a new place can be frightening

    Once your Los Angeles apartment movers unload your items and your house is quiet and somehow empty, you may feel lonely. Also, being in a new place can fill you with sadness, anxiety, and negative thoughts. Such an experience is intensified if you feel that everyone is happy at this time of the year. In these moments, it is best to seek the help of loved ones or professional help. Of course, always remember that seeking help is a sign of strength and not a weakness so don’t be afraid to ask for help.


    What triggers holiday or post-move depression?

    There are three major groups of triggers: interpersonal relationships, finances, and unrealistic physical demands. It is important to not seek perfectionism and set reasonable priorities while finding enough time to take a break. Trust us, no kid needs a tired and nervous mom during holidays who tries to make a dozen types of cakes. It is better to have fun with the whole family by involving children in making maybe just one cake.

    There are three major groups of triggers: interpersonal relationships, finances, and unrealistic physical demands.

    During the pandemic, you should probably limit the number of visits which can additionally cause stress. Still, be thankful as maybe this year you will realize the true value of gifts. People often forget that the essence is immaterial. This year is all about saving oneself and be connected to loved ones – which is based on the effort to be better people for ourselves and for others. It is important to be in the present moment, to enjoy the little things.


    Don’t put yourself down

    The holidays bring an unrealistic picture of an idealized family, the absence of conflict, magical unification. Mix it with your new relocation to NYC and you’ll get a crazy mix of confusion and discomfort. And the greater the difference between the expected and the real, the greater the disappointment. You need to learn to lower your expectations, be more tolerant towards both yourselves and others. Good relations are built over time – even with yourself.

    At the same time, the holidays are associated with a carefree childhood, joy, and the memory of the past that cannot be returned… Especially if it is about close people who are no longer with you. Death, divorce, job termination, separation, relocation can be heartbreaking. That’s why you need to think about your mental health when moving during the holidays. The suicide rate is higher due to loneliness and the experience of meaninglessness so if you feel lost, seek help. Statistics are less important here, personal experience and finding mechanisms for overcoming crisis situations are important. Good luck and have a nice holiday in your new place in NYC!

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