Guide for Moving During Coronavirus Outbreak

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    Relocating your household or an office during this pandemic might be a bit more difficult than otherwise. Apart from all the regular relocation pains, you will need to account for the necessities that this situation imposes. However, if you choose a good moving company, such as SOS Moving and Storage Los Angeles, moving during coronavirus outbreak will become a lot easier. But even so, you might want to consider whether it is absolutely necessary for you to move. Dire times require special considerations, after all. But if you really have no other option, you can find specific guidelines in this article.


    Moving during coronavirus outbreak – Useful advice

    Here is what we recommend doing when faced with a coronavirus relocation:

    • If possible, reschedule the move
    • Sanitize items before packing when relocating during coronavirus outbreak
    • Wear a mask, use gloves, and keep the safe distance
    • Hire professionals when relocating during coronavirus outbreak
    • Provide enough soap and sanitizers for you and the moving crew
    • Clean and sanitize your new home before moving in

    Obviously, rescheduling your relocation is simply the best option. It is always better not to take any chances if you don’t have to. However, there might be times when it is out of your hands. If you are facing a long-distance move, such as from California to NYC, you will want to find movers that are specialized in that exact move. In that situation, movers California to New York are your best option. But make sure to apply all of the advice above, as well.

    female talking on the phone
    Rescheduling your relocation is the best way if you can manage it.

    If possible, reschedule the move

    This is the simplest solution. This pandemic can’t last forever, after all, and you might want to hold out on your relocation until it runs its course. However, try to schedule your movers Los Angeles County ahead of time, as there might be a lot of people with the same idea. While there is no absolute “safe” time to schedule your relocation, the second part of 2021 looks to be promising. But if you can, delaying it to 2022 might be even better. We all need to do what we can to contain this virus and not relocating in these times is a good start. Stay in your home for as long as you can stomach and try to “weather the storm”.


    Sanitize items before packing when moving during coronavirus outbreak

    But there are times when you can’t allow to postpone the relocation any longer. When you have no other option, your only recourse is to make it as safe as possible. The first order of business is to make sure that all of your items are sanitized. Doing this will make handling your items safer for your Los Angeles apartment movers. While the chances of contracting the virus in this way are slim, you don’t really want to take any if you don’t have to. You also can’t be absolutely certain what will happen with your belongings on the way and having them sanitized is a good thing to do.


    Wear a mask, use gloves, and keep the safe distance

    All the “standard” coronavirus procedures apply to your relocation, as well. This means that you should wear a mask, use protective gloves, and abide by the social distancing protocols. If you think about it logically, even if you believe that the masks, gloves, and staying away do little for your safety, the reality is that they might. Why take any chances if you don’t have to, after all. It is your responsibility to think about others, as well as yourself. We are living in a community, which means that we need to do what is best for everyone.

    face mask
    A mask is one of the necessary pieces of clothing in coronavirus times.

    Hire professionals when moving during coronavirus outbreak

    If you are relocating from one state to another during the pandemic, you may be required to provide some paperwork. If you hire movers to conduct your relocation, the whole process will be a lot easier as they will know exactly what is required. Not to mention that they will do most of the work for you. The entire process will also be faster and more efficient, as well. The sooner everything is over, the better. By going with movers for your relocation, you will be spending the least amount of time outside, which will minimize the chances of contracting the virus.


    Provide enough soap and sanitizers for you and the moving crew

    And speaking of chances of contraction, if you want to bring them to the lowest level make sure that there are sanitizers and soap aplenty on moving day. Washing your hands often is beneficial even in non-virus situations so this is a good habit to adopt. Always try to find a silver lining. But for now, make sure that whoever wants to wash their hands have plenty of soap and sanitizer to do so. While your movers will have some of their own products, it is always good to have some on hand just in case. The easier it is to wash your hands, the better.

    person washing hands
    During the pandemic, washing your hands often is a good idea.

    Clean and sanitize your new home before moving in

    Lastly, you are going to repeat the whole process of sanitizing in your new home, as well. This is, perhaps, the most important thing that you need to do. You don’t know what can be in there and the only way to know that you are safe is if you properly clean and sanitize everything. Of course, wear protective gloves and do not touch your face or any open wounds that you might have while you’re working. Wash your hands diligently, too. While you can always hire cleaning services to do this instead of you, that might not be such a good idea in this case. If you are moving during a coronavirus outbreak, you will want to be sure that everything is done correctly. And you are going to do the best work, as you are working for yourself.

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