Guide for Comparing Moving Companies in CA

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    Hiring a moving company for your relocation is the smart thing to do. However, the issue is that there are simply too many companies out there. All of which claim that they can do the best job. Truth be told, there are not that many differences between great moving companies, but there are some. When comparing movers Los Angeles, you need to first find out as many of them as you can, to form the basis for your comparison. You will then need to scour your friendslist for recommendations, check if these movers have all the necessary credentials, etc. In this article, we are going to provide you with a simple guideline to comparing moving companies in CA.


    Tips for comparing moving companies in CA

    First of all, you should be looking at well-established moving companies and use them as the basis of your comparison. For example, there are several commercial movers Los Angeles that are “tried-and-true” and who have hundreds of positive customer reviews. You want to use these companies as a “blank slate” of sorts, to compare all others against. They are a known quantity, after all. Other than that, you need to look at how long the movers have been in the business. If you encounter a mover that has opened its doors to the public yesterday and offer outrageously low prices, you need to be extra careful.

    person creating a list
    Everything starts with comparing movers

    Create a list of all the movers in your area

    But the first thing that you need to do is compile a list of all the moving companies that operate within your area. Not all of these will make the final cut, but you need to know what you are working with. To start things off, you will want to perform an online search, such as movers California to New York. This will provide you with most of the companies out there. After that, you may want to ask around if someone knows about a moving company that is working on a local level. Sometimes, these companies are not well-advertised on the internet and rely on the word of mouth for their business. At times, these movers can provide you with the best price to service ratio.


    Ask your friends for recommendations

    After you have all the movers neatly written down, it is time to hear what your friends have to say about some of them. Ask for recommendations, as they are still extremely valuable even in this age of technology. Nothing can replace live experiences, after all. While you can read reviews online, they are usually completely positive or completely negative. The fact of the matter is that most relocations fall somewhere in the middle. And that is exactly what you are going to find out by asking for recommendations. However, do note that even personal recommendations can carry a lot of bias and that what works for someone might not work for others. That is why this is only a part of your search for movers Santa Clarita CA, and not the end of it. You are going to need to spend some more time.


    Top 5 things you must know when comparing moving companies in CA

    Once you trim your list a bit, down to the companies that you are interested in, here is what you need to do:

    • Ask your movers for licenses and check with the BBB and FMCA
    • Read the moving reviews
    • Compare moving company rates
    • Get moving company quote from each mover on the list
    • Ask movers about their equipment and moving services that they provide

    Feel free to ask any other questions that you want answers to. How do they deal with unforeseen circumstances? What are their shuttle rates? The more questions you ask, the better. Never be too shy to ask for more information, you are completely entitled to it.

    person using a laptop
    Sometimes, the best thing you can do is ask the questions directly

    Ask your movers for licenses and check with the BBB and FMCSA

    Every single professional moving company needs to have licenses from the government for its operations. They should also be a part of a prominent organization, such as the BBB or FMCSA. There are other notable organizations out there, but these two are the most important ones. Almost every mover worth their proverbial salt is going to be a part of one, or both, of these organizations.


    Read the moving reviews

    Next up, you will want to read as many of the company’s moving reviews as you can. This will help you decide whether the mover’s standards align with what you want from your move. But make sure that you expand your search and check as many sites as possible. It stands to reason that if you only look at the webspace owned by the company in question, all you are going to find will be positive reviews. The more time you invest in this search, the better. In fact, if we were to pick one of the things from our list that is absolutely essential, this would be it.


    Compare moving company rates

    After you narrow your list even further, it is time to look at the prices. You will want to check the pricing scheme from every mover still on the list. Do not confuse this with getting a moving quote, as that is a separate issue that we will cover presently. At this point, all you want to know is if they charge hourly, fixed, what are the additional costs, etc.


    Get a free moving quote from each mover on the list

    Once you found the companies you are interested in working with, it is time to see how much they charge for your move. The first step is to obtain a free moving estimate from each mover. This will provide you with a frame of reference for your comparison. Make sure that you provide the exact same information to every mover, though. Otherwise, you may end up with inconsistent numbers.

    calculator, pen, notebook, money
    A free moving quote will give you some numbers to work with

    Ask movers about their equipment and moving services that they provide

    Lastly, when comparing moving companies in CA, you will want to ensure that they have all the equipment necessary for the task, as well as to inquire about the services that they provide. While most large companies will have almost every situation covered, some of the smaller businesses might not be so lucky. Even if a mover offers an excellent price, if they don’t have what is needed for the job, it is of no worth to you.

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