Fun Halloween Activities in la to Explore

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    When it comes to fun Halloween activities in LA, one thing is certain- there is something for everyone. Either if you like family-friendly drive-through experiences or virtual events, you can be sure that you are going to find something you like. We have made a short list of recommendations that you should see and experience. Go through the article and if you like them but you are still not a resident of LA, make this happen as soon as possible. Count on one of the most affordable moving companies Los Angeles has to offer to help you.


    The Bite LA is the first on the list

    This event is also described as ‘Halloween Food Crawl & Creature Safari’. Should you visit it, you will be served delicious Bites of seasonal grub. In addition to this, you will get to enjoy them in the safety of your car. You have nothing to worry about when different kinds of food are in question. This means that there will be savory and sweet bites and they will include vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

    Halloween cupcakes
    One of the Halloween activities in LA you can consider is visiting The Bite LA and taste different kinds of food, among other things

    What is also great is listening to scary tales at the Virtual Campfire with a special dessert. You will get to choose from coffee, hot cocoa, and hot apple cider. Yet another thing you should know about The Bite LA is that if you ‘spook-up your ride’ you will enter the Car Costume Contest and you will have a chance to win some fun prizes.


    You should also visit Halloween at Descanso

    What is great about Halloween at Descanso is that it takes place throughout October. This is basically a pumpkin-filled extravaganza that invites guests to safely wind their way through pumpkin-themed displays that are socially-distanced. One of the highlights is the Main Lawn with a pumpkin house and children’s hay maze.

    The other two are Camellia Forest with pumpkin arch and scarecrows and Oak Groove which included pumpkin mandalas. In case your children are 14 or under, they are more than welcome to come in a costume. Do not worry about drinks and snacks- you will be served seasonal favorites, such as caramel corn and churros. In case you like spending Halloween this way, hire one of the most trustworthy long-distance moving companies Los Angeles can offer and you will be here in no time.


    Add a bit of freight by visiting the Haunted Barnyard

    If you like to get out of your comfort zone, you should definitely pay the Haunted Barnyard a visit. Should you do this, you will have a chance to be guided by ghostly audio with sound effects in the safety of your car. In addition to this, you will see if you can escape from the Funhouse, enter the Insane Asylum, journey through the Zombie Infested Graveyard, find your way out of the Haunted Woods, and more.

    Halloween pumpkins
    If you prefer the scarier version of Halloween, you should definitely come here- this place will certainly meet your expectations

    However, if you are planning on relocating before Halloween, hire a professional to help you finish this process quickly. Even if you are relocating locally, you should have a reliable moving partner who will guide you and help you relocate in a short period of time.


    Halloween Open Air Museum Experience is at your disposal

    Yet another one of the Halloween activities in LA that you should think about is visiting the Halloween Open Air Museum Experience. This is home to a massive collection of San Fernando Valley artifacts.

    For example, you will have a chance to see classic cars, neon signs, yearbooks, rare documents, art, restaurant menus, vintage BMX bicycles, western clothing, and much more. Should you visit it on Halloween night, you will be part of a fun night. If your wish has been for a long time to relocate to LA, now is the time to do it. Just get in touch with Los Angeles apartment movers and you will be planning how to celebrate Halloween in your new hometown before you know it.


    Visiting the Haunt’oween LA is another one of the Halloween activities in LA

    This is basically a family-friendly drive-through experience which is open daily in Woodland Hills. The first of the highlights is ‘door-to-door’ trick or treating. You will get to drive down two streets with live costumed actors who will come out of their ‘homes’ and give you candy. Do not worry- there is enough candy for everyone. Another attraction is the Jack-O-Lantern Tunnel. This is an installation of 90 feet which includes more than 1,000 pumpkins. Scenic Paths are also part of this unforgettable experience.

    Jack O Lantern
    If you like the Halloween decor in the style of Jack O Lantern, Haunt’oween is the perfect place for you

    This will bring to life the traditional Halloween vibe. Namely, there will be an array of Halloween environments and mini-maze routes. Also, you will get a chance to see giant pumpkins, headless horsemen, and countless spider webs. In the end, you will get to pick one pumpkin, while additional ones will be available for purchase.

    You have had a chance to see several Halloween activities in LA that will be at your disposal. Now, what you should do is to think about which one will be the most enjoyable for your entire family. Feel free to discuss with all of the members and make a decision together. If it happens that you like several of them, it will be possible for you to visit them all. Considering the fact that a majority of them lasts several days, just think about which to visit first and which to visit last. Make a time-table and every member of the family will surely be satisfied.

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