Best Places to Find Packing Supplies

Last Updated: January 26th, 2023 at 08:35 am

Relocation can’t go without protecting your items from damage. Most damages occur if you do not pack properly and your things break during the transport. Depending on the distance, you may need to pack even better due to the duration of the trip. But, where to get packing supplies? There are many places to find packing supplies but certainly, the best one is to get them from your California movers. It is the safest option, too. Of course, there are other options and we are here to present them to you!


Best places to find packing supplies – get your packing supplies today

The good thing is that there are many places where you can get moving supplies that you can use. Of course, the quality can be of the question but you are the one that is making the decision. Let’s see where you can obtain supplies for your relocation.

  • Local stores
  • Online
  • Moving company
  • Friends and relatives

Of course, there are many more places where you can try to find boxes, however, these are the best options.

grocery store - places to find packing supplies
Local stores are one of the best options to find packing supplies

Local stores

One of the easiest ways to find moving supplies is to go to local stores. Of course, the only thing that you can get there is moving boxes. They are classic cardboard boxes that you can use when moving. But, you should count on the fact that most local stores will not have anything to give you. Or, they do not give extra boxes. It would be good of you to be nice and convincing. All it takes are a few warm words.



We live in the era of the Internet. It offers a ton of great things and makes our life a lot easier. The good thing is that you can use its advantages even when moving. Online shopping has become a big thing and a lot of people actually prefer to buy online instead of going to the shop. You can find packing supplies online and buy everything that you need. You just have to be careful about shipping and the dates. Pay and get your supplies before the move so be wise about when you shop.


Moving company

Moving companies are the best places to find packing supplies. There is no other place where you can be 100% sure about the quality of the supplies. When you buy directly from the move, you are much safer than getting used ones. All of this is because the supplies you are getting from the movers are new and without any damages. They are fresh and you can be sure that you can use them properly during the move.

This is especially important when having a commercial relocation. Office relocation is usually much harder and requires a lot more consideration about everything, supplies included. You want everything to be safe because you have to use it again. You should have commercial movers Los Angeles by your side and get everything that you need directly from them!


Friends and relatives

Another great place where you can obtain packing supplies is your close friends and relatives. What we mean by this is that you do not need someone ‘official’ to help you out and sell your supplies. If you have friends or family that have just moved, you can ask them if they saved their supplies.

The problem with this is that you may not find everything that you need for the move. Also, packing supplies can be damaged. People usually miss it because they take it without actually inspecting it. It can lead to problems during your move and that is something that you want to prevent. It is just easier to contact Los Angeles interstate movers and get all that you want and need.

friends laughing
Ask your friends and family for any saved supplies

Always check the quality of the supplies

No matter which place you get your packing supplies, you need to understand one thing. You want your supplies to be as good as possible. And to understand that you do not need to know how a cardboard box is made. However, you need to know some basic details. After all, their purpose is to protect your things when moving. You should not make any compromises. It is the reason you want to check everything that you are being offered. See whether there is any damage that will make it unusable. Even though it may seem like it will survive the trip, you do not want to take your chances, especially with expensive items.


Take your time when getting packing supplies

Knowing places to find packing supplies is one thing, but having time to check them is another. We have already said that you should always check the quality of your supplies. That is something that you need time for. You can’t check everything within minutes. Of course, if you are getting supplies from a moving company, you can be sure they are good but if you are getting boxes from local shops, you need to make sure they can survive. Do not rush this and you should be able to obtain good packing supplies for the move.


Long-distance relocations require high-quality supplies

Even though you now know a few places where you can obtain packing supplies, it does not mean that all the supplies are good. When having a local move, you do not have to think much. You can even try to use supplies that were previously used. On the other hand, when having a long-distance relocation, especially if you are moving from shore to shore, you should get only the best packing supplies available. Besides getting the best movers California to New York, your main goal would be to get packing supplies from your movers and be sure that your belongings will survive the long trip ahead. 

man working on laptop
Do your research before you go out and pick up some unusable boxes


Packing supplies are a crucial thing when moving. They are the ones that are responsible for the safety of your belongings during transport. Even though packing is usually overseen as a task where you do not have to dedicate time, it is wrong. You have to make sure that you have everything that you need, for your own sake. Knowing places to find packing supplies is an excellent first step towards a successful relocation. Use this advice and you should be able to find high-quality packing supplies in no time!

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