7 Tips You Need To Keep In Mind When Planning A Commercial Move

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    Moves are always a more complex and extensive task than they seem initially. They require working, planning, managing many factors and intricacies, and dealing on time. Commercial moves are even more challenging to plan and conduct as they require handling and transporting specialized equipment.

    Whether it is office relocation or relocating your medical office to a new address, there are a lot of problems and tasks that you would have to deal with but will not know unless you have moved previously. It is always a good idea to hire seasoned professionals who have experience in the field and can guide you through your move.

    However, there are a few things you need to bear in mind when planning a move. So here are our commercial moving tips and checklist for you.


    1. Get an Early Start

    • Regarding moving, the earlier you start planning, the better. There are a lot of things that you need to consider when you move. For instance, consider any extra services you may need, the type of storage you would need for the move, what your employees would need to move their equipment, etc. it also gives you ample time to pack and go through all the things you need to move.
    • Another reason to plan is to ensure that all the services are booked in time, and everything is ready on the move day. Often movers are booked at least two to three months in advance, so you need to finalize and book movers ahead of time to get the company you want.
    • Since commercial moves often entail special services to handle fragile equipment and limited companies offer commercial moving services, it is best to start looking for companies five to six months before the move. This way, you will not only get to book the movers of your choice but can also take their guidance regarding the move and give them ample time to procure all the storage and transport services required. Hiring movers early on will also allow you to get better deals and prices as it will not be a last-minute booking.
      Inform Your Stakeholders About Your Move

    2. Inform Your Stakeholders About Your Move

    If you are a business planning to relocate, you need to ensure that everyone from your staff to your customers is in the loop.

    • You must inform your staff so they can start preparing for the move. Help them identify all the necessary items that need to be moved and all items that will require specific packing. They will also play a key role in communicating with customers about the move.
    • If your business relies on foot traffic, you must start informing customers as soon as the place and time of your move are finalized so that you do not lose customers. Ideally, there should be a formal announcement regarding the move, and you should reach out to customers to let them know about it.

    Pro Tip: make sure that all your marketing materials, business cards, social media handles, and website have the new address to avoid confusion.

    3. Create a Full Inventory List

    It is one of the primary reasons why you should always start planning a move ahead of time. Often in commercial moves, many items need to be moved, and many of them are essentials, and losing them during a move could impact your work in the future.

    Creating a comprehensive list shared with the staff at least a week before the move ensures all essentials are mentioned. It will ensure that nothing is missed during the move.

    Creating a list also allows you to prioritize and eliminate things you will not need to curtail any extra cost. A complete list will gives the movers and you an idea about your storage and transport needs and allow you to get a more accurate estimate.

    Hire Specialized Commercial Movers

    4. Hire Specialized Commercial Movers

    You must hire a good company for a commercial move as it is an elaborate task and one that professionals must do. But you must ensure that the moving company is up to the task and has the expertise to execute it smoothly. Looking into moving companies ahead of time will allow you to get the movers of your choice and those that have the best staff and supplies.

    Hiring a local company would also allow you to coordinate with them ahead of the move and let them get an idea of all your requirements. It would mean that you would have a smooth and stress-free workplace relocation.

    5. Allow the Professionals to Handle the Packing

    As mentioned before, the commercial moving process is rather tedious, so it is best to leave it to the professionals. Movers that have previously dealt with commercial moves will be able to pack and store things better than someone who has never done this. They will handle things more carefully and know how to systemically pack and label items. You can simply hire a moving company that offers full packing services as well.

    You can help them by providing them with a list of everything you need to move, but it is best to leave the packing to the professionals.

      Encourage Your Employees to Pack Their Desks

    6. Encourage Your Employees to Pack Their Desks

    Employees are likely to have a better idea of the details regarding their items, so if you encourage them to pack their desks during a commercial move, this will save you time and money. It will ensure that useless items are removed, and only essentials are packed. It will also ensure that things are not mixed up or lost in the process as they will label their items.

    They should pack things ahead of time as this will save them time and stress on the day before the move.

    7. Evaluate Your Storage Needs

    You need to think about what your plans are regarding the move. Whether moving to a bigger space, upscaling, moving to a smaller area or going remote, you must know what the plan is, as that will dictate how much storage you need.

    If you are moving to a new office space where you don’t want certain items but do not want to get rid of them completely, you can keep them in a local storage space. If there are items that you think will not fit the new space but you might need them, you can keep them in a storage facility near your new office.


    Commercial moves can be daunting and stressful, but when you hire the right company and take the appropriate steps, you can have a smooth, hassle-free relocation. Therefore, you must be on top of things beforehand and create a good working relationship with the moving company you choose to hire. This way, you can sit back, relax, and supervise the move on the final day.

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