5 Most Demanding Obstacles for Moving Crews

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    Relocating home is hard for those who must do it. And we all do at some point. But keep in mind that your movers Los Angeles have a few obstacles on their way as well. Yes, you probably shouldn’t care how they run their business. You are paying for the service and all you can think about is to relocate your belongings safely. But let us shed some light on the most demanding obstacles for moving crews and how you can influence to make the whole relocation easier, cost-effective, and less time-consuming.


    The last-minute call is one of the most demanding obstacles for moving crews

    One of the most demanding obstacles for relocation crews is definitely the short notice when scheduling a move. Maybe you did not organize on time or simply decided to move in a couple of days. The result is the same. You will call your Los Angeles residential movers and enlist their last-minute moving crew. Yes, they are skilled and ready to heed your call. But it is still a demanding task because each moving project is unique in a way. Basics are the same but personal details vary from customer to customer. Your movers must evaluate everything, inspect the environment, weigh your cargo, prepare the appropriate moving vehicle, etc. But do not worry, they still manage to cover everything in such a short period despite the fact that from the start it seems quite impossible.

    a clock on a pink and teal background
    Time is of the essence when moving. Last-minute calls are always complicated but manageable

    Now, to avoid this situation, you must plan on time. If you have a sudden last-minute move, then you can’t do much about it. But if you have at least a week in front of you, then you can prepare enough to avoid this panic and creating a hectic environment.


    Packing process and how your moving crew will handle it

    Another among the most demanding obstacles for moving crews is the whole packing process and the moving supplies Los Angeles you use. There are countless situations where packing can go wrong and we will name a few common ones:

    • Wrong packing supplies – People get all sorts of ideas when packing. It is fine but at some point, we must draw the line. Be careful when reusing packing supplies because you want your boxes and bags to be in a good shape to survive the journey ahead.
    • Overstuffing boxes – This is a common mistake. If you overstuff your box it can crumble and tear in your mover’s hands. This raises a lot of questions but the most important one is, who’s fault this is?
    • Pairing items wrongly – Movers pick up a box without a label. A few steps later something breaks inside the box. You open it and realize that whoever packed this box paired a ceramic vase with a marble figurine. Never ever pair fragile items with metal, marble, stone, wood, and other hard materials. Sadly, movers run into this situation all the time.

    One way to avoid the whole mess is to utilize professional packers from LA. Let them bring all the packing supplies required and pack you swiftly and safely. This way you will avoid damages or improper packing. You’ll need this service especially if you never packed before and you have a lot of fragile, expensive, and unique pieces in your possession. Think about it, it might be the solution for you.

    A man loading cardboard boxes into the vehicle
    Consider letting your movers bring the right packing materials and even pack you if necessary

    Environmental difficulties are among the most demanding obstacles for moving crews as well

    A great issue for your movers is a situation where you did not report the possible obstacles along the way. This usually happens when you obtain a moving quote online or via the phone. If your movers do not inspect the environment and you skip this part as well, there might be some surprises along the way. For example, your movers are not ready to move a piano because you forgot to report that you own one. They did not bring the tools or the adequate moving team for this occasion. Or you forgot to mention that there is no elevator but you are located on the 3rd floor.

    All those situations require a quick reaction and adjustment. But do not worry, movers got used to this and they do it all the time, but it will cost you extra because you are spending additional resources. Remember, movers charge by the hour, body count, and the weight of your cargo. In some situations, the complexity of the move might dictate a moving price because you need additional moving service to complete a certain task. Still, bear in mind that some seasons are more affordable. So if you are able to choose the date of your move, to lower your moving cost, try scheduling your relocation off-peak season. After all, winter relocations in California aren’t too difficult to handle.

    All in all, ensure you inspect your environment and belongings, help your movers understand the situation, and prepare adequately and you will not have to think about adapting your moving date or lowering the moving price.

    A set of long stairs as one of the most demanding obstacles for moving crews
    You must report all the obstacles that might make your relocation harder and more dangerous

    Additional moving service

    As we already mentioned before, if there is a demand for a certain service in the middle of the relocation, it can be another obstacle. In case you have more stuff than reported, your movers might not have an appropriately sized vehicle for the job. And if you have no means to store everything inside your new home, again, you must rent a storage unit or find another solution. All those tasks that require a change of initially planned steps will spend more time, money, and induce a lot of stress. Yet again, movers are ready for anything but if the sudden change is triggered by the customer, they will most likely pay for it.


    Problems along the way

    One common mistake people make is the wrongly calculated budget. You must get moving quotes Los Angeles and calculate the moving budget according to your situation at hand. After inspecting everything and consulting with your movers you should be good. Although, you must include the hidden costs, fees, and personal costs into the equation. We previously explained which situations may spend more money, so you should include those as well. And one last thing, do not let yourself run out of money before paying for the service. Some moving companies will hold your cargo until you cover your bill. It is simply the policy of certain companies to protect themselves from bad business. You would do the same to protect yourself from shady movers. Therefore, calculate your moving budget precisely and be ready for anything.


    Plan your relocation carefully and notify your movers about every obstacle in advance

    Now you know more about the most demanding obstacles for moving crews. Most of it comes from the lack of communication and poor oversight. Hence, ensure you evaluate your moving project adequately and avoid unpleasant situations. More importantly, keep your budget in place to prevent overspending.

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