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When the time comes for you to move, you’ll have to put your music on pause. And if your instrument of choice is the piano, it also means that your move can quickly turn into a nightmare. Although it is one of the world’s most beautiful instruments, the piano is also one of the most difficult to move safely. But with the help of some of the best piano movers Los Angeles can offer, even this difficult task can become easy. All you need to do is give us a call, and our specialists from SOS Moving will be there to prepare and transport your precious instrument. We’re here to help you get right back to creating magic, free of worries, and stress of relocation. Get a free quote today!

a piano in black and white
Rest easy – SOS Moving is here to securely relocate your precious instrument.

The traits that let Los Angeles piano movers shine

What would happen if you took a complete beginner, let him on stage, and told him to play some Rachmaninoff? Without a doubt, it would be a complete disaster. The same is true for moving. Unprofessional handling of your precious instrument can lead to irreparable damage. Fortunately, that won’t happen with our piano movers from California.

So what is it that distinguishes a virtuoso from an amateur? Years of practice, of course. And, again, the same stands true when it comes to relocation. Our Los Angeles piano moving experts have years of experience on the job. SOS Moving team members honed their skills through countless relocations. Through quick thinking and ingenious solutions, we can handle every difficulty and obstacle that may present itself during:

Although our movers might not be proficient in playing the piano, they sure are virtuosos when it comes to moving one.

Your piano will be safe, no matter where you’re moving

The piano is notorious for how difficult it is to move. Even relocating it within the same block can be a pain for someone lacking in skills, experience, and specialized equipment. But moving it long-distance or even to another state presents an even bigger challenge. Because then you have to incorporate even more fail-safes into your plan. And dealing with the difficulties of the long trip is only one of them.

a piano on a hill, moved by the best piano movers Los Angeles can offer.
SOS Moving will help you move your piano anywhere.

However, even the longest journey won’t be a problem for our Los Angeles piano moving specialists. We can help you relocate your piano, the household, or the entire office anywhere within the States without difficulties. Our moving services are tailored to enable you to deal with any distance, and all the challenges it can carry.

A pair of helping hands is always handy

Organizing a move is difficult, but not impossible for a single person. However, moving heavy objects is. If you already took care of most of the logistics, and all that’s left is heavy lifting, our labor only services are just the thing to help you get through it. You can enlist the help of our piano movers from California to help you with your instrument only. However, you can also get our teams to help you with all the other heavy stuff. Just give us a call, and tell us what you’re loading/unloading. We’ll be sure to bring all the equipment necessary to make the process go smoothly and risk-free.

Our piano movers from Los Angeles can help you with other difficult items too

Moving a household or office is a complex task. Although our piano movers Los Angeles located can help you with a part of it, that’s not all they can do. True, piano moving is one of our specialties. However, it is highly unlikely that it’s the only bulky or difficult item that you possess. You don’t have to worry – SOS Moving can help with anything in your home or office that requires careful handling or highly specialized equipment:

  • Our furniture moving services are an excellent choice when you need your bulky furniture swiftly disassembled, prepped and loaded, and reassembled in your new home.
  • Worrying about the safety of your appliances is a thing of the past. Although they can rarely be dismantled as furniture, our appliance moving specialists have ways to secure them for transport.
  • We’re using the proven combination of quality packing materials and shrink-wrapping to ensure no misfortune befalls your belongings during transport.
a happy child with a piano delivered by Los Angeles piano movers
Let our LA piano movers take care of your relocation. You can focus on keeping the magic alive.

Less packing = more playing!

Moving can be an extremely stressful period. All the chores, big decisions, running around – it all takes time. So instead of wasting hours getting supplies, wrapping, and boxing everything, leave it to our professional packers. We will ensure your belongings are secured and ready for transport in the best way possible. You can take that extra time to hone your piano skills and create one more piece of magic, as a farewell to your old home. And if you decide to play up until the moment our LA piano movers come to prepare your instrument for relocation – we won’t object. Quite the opposite, actually. Everything flows better with good music.

Don’t let difficulties of moving stand in the way of your creativity

It is safe to say that music is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It soothes the soul, frees the mind, and heals the body. And creating music is a feeling that cannot be described with anything short of divine. So don’t let something as mundane as moving stand in the way of your inspiration. Not when you have some of the best piano movers Los Angeles can offer ready to help you every step of the way. Get in touch with us, and SOS Moving will see to it that your moving process becomes strainless, and you’re left with nothing but elan once it’s done. Apply for a free estimate now!