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How to pack your home garden


Moving your home doesn’t just mean moving items inside your house. The home garden also makes a large part of your home. Many people invest a lot of time and love into the garden, so leaving it behind is out of the question. Some plants are too precious to say goodbye to them. For this reason, your garden is coming with you to a new home. You can leave your house belongings to packing services Los Angeles while you take care of your plants. You might think that you are not skillful enough to pack your home garden. However, when you think carefully, no one knows your plants better than you. For this reason, relocating your plants and garden tools should be your job to do. 

Pack your home garden with the first step

Moving your garden can be tricky for a couple of reasons. Garden tools won’t pose a problem for moving companies in California. However, garden plants are a completely different story. Plants are forbidden items to move for many moving companies. Plants can attract vermin and pests that can destroy other items in the moving truck. For this reason, you should contact a couple of moving companies to see which one will accept to move your plants. 

Moving is not complete without moving supplies, just like office move should not go without commercial movers Los Angeles. You can find moving supplies at a couple of places. It doesn’t matter from which place you get them as long they are of good quality. Here are a few places from where you can get your moving supplies. 

  • Moving company 
  • Retailers 
  • Online 
  • Family or friends 
  • From the previous move 
  • Packing your garden tools 
flowers in front of the house
Make sure to prepare everything for packing and moving your garden

Moving garden tools

Garden tools come in many different shapes and sizes. Additionally, many of them are also sharp and if they are not properly packed, they can damage your other items during the transport. All Los Angeles interstate movers will tell you that the first step in packing garden tools is bundling the similarly shaped items together. After this step, you need to secure them with rope or packing tape. The last step is to wrap them into packing paper and with a blanket. 

A true gardener also has power garden tools such as lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, and many others. To have movers California to New York move your power tools, they cannot have fuel. The fuel is considered as hazardous material and movers won’t accept to move tools with fuel inside. For this reason, you should take out fuel and disassemble the tool as much as you can. 

garden tools on the wall
Make sure to properly pack your garden tools

Moving your plants 

Now, it’s time to prepare your plants for the move. Most of the garden plants are planted in the ground. For this reason, you must dig plants out first, before you packed them for the move. When you have dug them out with soil around them, you should put them into plastic containers.  

You should place plants at the back seat or the trunk of your car, and drive together to a new home. When you arrive at your new home, you will know how to plant them again into a new garden. As a serious gardener, you won’t have a problem when you need to pack your home garden.