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If you are going to be relocating to Burbank, you need to have the best movers in Burbank, CA by your side. Hiring our moving company is going to make your relocation smooth and carefree. SOS Moving and Storage Los Angeles proudly stands among the highest-rated companies that operate in Burbank and are ready to assist you with your relocation in any way we can. We are a company that values speed, simplicity, and efficiency above everything else. Of course, it goes without saying that customer service is the most important thing for us. So give us a call and get a free moving estimate today!

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Customer satisfaction is our primary concern.

SOS Movers California – One of the most professional and experienced moving companies Burbank has

Reasons, why we are one of the best moving companies in Burbank, are our extreme professionalism and extensive experience. We have years of relocations under our proverbial belt. But we approach every single one of our moves with the care that it deserves. Our moving crews are friendly and will be able to answer any of your moving-related questions with ease. There is a lot more about us than that, though. You can discover everything for yourself if you visit our website or read some of our reviews. In fact, we invite you to do just that, as that will give you the best idea of what we are all about. Or simply continue reading and we will explain more.

Make your long-distance relocation fast and easy by hiring the best movers Burbank CA has

When it comes to long-distance relocations, you are going to need reliable and expedient movers on your side. By performing numerous state to state moves, we have built up our experience and proficiency so we can ensure a smooth moving experience for all of our customers. You will be hard-pressed to find residential movers better-suited for long-distance relocations. Our team will plan the relocation to its tiniest detail and we will choose the best routes that our truck will take. This will make everything a lot easier and faster. Also, if you have any questions in the planning and preparation stage, feel free to ask us for advice. We will be happy to assist you however we can.

Plan your commercial relocation with one of the top moving companies Burbank

But when it comes to commercial relocations, we somehow manage to dial everything up a notch. We understand that businesses need to start operating again as soon as possible and we always strive to make it happen. When you hire us as your commercial movers, we will ensure that all of your equipment is up and running in the shortest amount of time. Of course, that does not mean that we will sacrifice any other element, such as security. It only means that we are going to put all of our efforts into providing you the best service possible. This usually entails pulling additional resources but we can go the affordable route, as well. With us, the key is simplicity. You get what you want.

office space and furniture
If you want to relocate your office in the shortest time possible call us – the most reliable movers Burbank CA

Burbank movers provide excellent moving equipment and high-quality moving boxes and packing supplies

We can provide such high-quality service due to our top-of-the-line equipment, among other things. But the fact is that we take great pride in how we maintain our tools. We believe that having our gear in top condition makes us able to take on any problem at any time. And it also means that everything we do is just that bit more reliable. Long-distance movers need to be prepared for everything, after all, and we make sure that we are. Furthermore, our movers in Burbank CA have all the necessities for your relocation, from moving boxes to packing supplies. Of course, all of which are of the highest quality relative to their price. We try to provide affordable solutions but we value reliability as well.

We have a number of services to offer

In order to meet your every demand, we offer a variety of moving services that you can hire. Here are some from our offer:


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No matter what your moving needs are, we got them covered!

Of course, we can provide many more services but these are the most commonly asked for. If you require something for your relocation to Burbank, CA, feel free to ask us about it and we will figure out a solution. We want to be your “one-stop-shop” for everything moving-related. Furthermore, with us, you are able to customize your move by selecting only the services that you need. For example, there are a variety of services included in the residential moving package. If you don’t need some of them, or you need additional ones (such as piano moving), we can change the package to suit your needs. Of course, we will always look to provide you with the best deal possible on our services. It is our belief that you need to be satisfied after everything is through and through.

Contact SOS movers and let us take care of your relocation!

If you want the best moving experts by your side, the solution is to hire the top movers in Burbank, CA. All you need to do is contact us today, tell us what you require, and we are going to set the wheels into motion and get right on it. We will provide you with a free estimate, to start with, and listen to your moving needs. Let us conduct your relocation, and you will be in for a wonderful, stress-free, moving experience. We treat every relocation like it’s our first one but with the benefit of years of knowledge and experience. When we conduct a move, we conduct it fast, simple, and efficient because we want you to have the relocation you’ve always dreamed about. It is your big day and SoS Moving Los Angeles is going to make it as pleasant as possible.