What to Know When You Are Selecting a Moving Company

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    Moving, which doesn’t occur every day, is a long and arduous process. Actually, it’s interesting that no matter which moving company you choose, the cost will be similar, but the service you will experience can be a major difference. A professional moving company takes the responsibility of all your items and transfers them safely to your new home. Therefore, it’s crucial but challenging to choose a company that you can entirely trust. SOS Moving and Storage absolutely understands your concerns, and below we have prepared a list of important notes to keep in mind.



    1. Is this company trustworthy? Make sure to check its official website and online presence.
    2. Does this company have reviews? Check out its online platforms, such as Facebook and Yelp, to find out more about the company’s social presence.
    3. What is the hourly rate of their services? If there are any hidden costs, and how clearly the online quote reflects the final quote.

    Find out the best way to make sure a company is reputable.



    1. How does this moving company charge for its service? By hours or fixed? What is included?

    Charging methods may vary to different moving companies. Some charge by hours for local moves and usually have a minimum number of hours per move which is usually two or three hours. The price of Long-distance, interstate and international moving services, which is often fixed, depends on the distance and the weight. In this case, it’s really important to clarify all the possible costs and risks.

    2. Are there any hidden charges for extra stairs, narrow halls, long walking distance, or moving of washers and dryers?

    Depending on how many flights of stairs you have – our moving specialist can give you better idea on pricing. The rate does not change for number of stairs

    3. What are the local moving regulations? They may vary due to different states. It’s better to check the information before moving or consult a moving company.

    4. Does this company provide services such as moving pianos, fragile items, large screen TVs or other bulky items? How is it charged?

    5. What is the cancellation policy of this company?

    6. What kind of payment options does this company offer?

    7. Does this company require a deposit?



    1. Does this moving company have a customer service line? A reliable moving company provides customer service throughout the whole moving process during which a manager is available to help with arising questions and problems.

    2. Does this company offer a free online quote? The more challenging your move is, the more important it is to get the online estimate, so you can clearly see everything that needs to be moved. Be sure to thoroughly assess your move, including the size of your home and the quantities of your items. Do not forget your basement and attic! Make sure everything is in your request so that the company will acknowledge all the specific moving nuances and you will get an estimated quote.

    3. Does this company provide clear information about the moving time, number of movers, and trucks? Does this company communicate with you about all your concerns in a timely and efficient manner? By the moving date, make sure that you have already gotten the customer service number, so you can contact them in case of any emergency. Also, don’t forget that the company’s social media is another convenient option to contact customer service representatives.

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