Ways to Celebrate Christmas in la After the Move

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    Are you looking forward to celebrating Christmas in LA? In 2020, that can seem particularly far fetched, but we have the solution none the less! Affordable moving companies Los Angeles can help you transition to LA seamlessly during the Christmas season. Some people perceive the relocations as the reason not to celebrate the holidays. It’s understandable – they get too tired to research events, get ready, and go out there. To celebrate properly, the only thing you truly need is a holiday spirit. Los Angeles is the city of movies, festivals, and life! It’s the place of the traditions, bright holiday lights, and theme parks.

    kids trying to celebrate Christmas in LA
    Celebrate Christmas in LA by going ice skating with your family and kids!

    Events that you can visit with your family

    If your movers weren’t Piano Movers Los Angeles, but you’re still craving the holiday music, consider visiting some of the events below!

    If you’re looking for ways to celebrate holidays in LA with your family, consider these events:

    • Outdoor Ice Skating – Going Ice Skating to celebrate holidays is one of the long-standing LA Traditions. It’s a great way to bond with your family members, share laughs, and enjoy the Christmas decoration before heading home to get warm and have a Christmas Dinner
    • Visit Six Flags Magic Fountain – There you will find the rich festive decorations and the lights that will leave you breathless.

    Events that are perfect to visit with kids

    If you’re looking for ways to celebrate Christmas in LA with the kids:

    • Disneyland Christmas Fantasy – This is one of the experiences that you can visit with the whole family. It’s especially interesting for the children because of the Disneyland theme. The whole park where the event is held is being decorated with many lights and during November and December, the various characters from Disneyland can be seen in the park. 
    • Visit the LA ZOO – The lights really make the whole zoo look like a Christmas tale. This place is delightful for children because it combines holiday fun, beautiful lightscapes, and, of course, animals! Christmas is the perfect day to have a walkthrough of the decorated zoo with your little ones before heading to the evening festive celebrations. 
    Christmas table
    Christmas holidays can be an opportunity to get to know your neighbors.

    Some more ideas on how to celebrate Christmas in LA

    In one of the cities that never sleep, there are numerous events that might spike your interest.  They are all traditional events that are unique to LA.

    • Hollywood Christmas Parade
    • Christmas Tree Lighting 
    • Sing-Along

    Host a Christmas Dinner to celebrate Christmas in LA

    You might have moved to your new home a day before Christmas. After saying goodbye to movers, you probably don’t feel like heading to any specific event. That’s fine as well – you can always host a Christmas dinner. Asking your friends and family to bring the desserts or some of the necessary items is absolutely fine – you’ve just moved and everything anyone wants is just to have a nice festive evening with the family. Hosting a Christmas Dinner or having an evening get-together in the following days can also be an excuse to invite your neighbors over and get to know them! 

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