Tips for Packing Toys for Children Glendale Move

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    When you think about what room is the hardest to pack, it’s not easy to choose just one room. The biggest contenders for this unflattering title are kitchen, bedroom, and children’s room. Each one of them is difficult in its own way. The kitchen is full of big appliances, fragile dishes, sharp knives, and many other items. What makes the bedroom hard to pack is the wardrobe full of new, old, and never worn clothes. Now, in the children’s room, you also have a wardrobe with a similar problem but you also have another bigger set of complications – toys. If you thought that packing a wardrobe is complicated then you never packed a room full of toys. For this reason, you should definitely consider hiring one of the best moving companies Los Angeles. Also, here are a few tips for packing toys for children Glendale move.


    What is the best way for packing toys for children Glendale move?

    Your kids probably have a ton of different toys. However, you must be honest with yourself and admit that your kids are probably playing with just a few of the toys, and the rest of them are just collecting dust. So, before you get moving supplies, you should declutter toys that are no longer used. As these toys are primarily your kids’ possession, you can’t declutter without them. For this reason, you should help your kids to let go of their toys.

    packing toys for children Glendale move including two figurines
    Get all the necessary packing supplies for all the toys

    In the situation where you have to pack a lot of items, it’s a good idea to hire packing services Los Angeles. Packing can’t be done without packing supplies. Packing supplies for toys are not different from packing any other belongings in your home. So, you will need to get the following.

    • Cardboard boxes in different sizes
    • Packing tape
    • Plastic boxes with lids
    • Marker
    • Packing paper
    • Bubble wrapper

    What is the best strategy for packing toys?

    Toys are a very diverse category that contains everything from small figurines, plushy toys, to huge and complex toys. For this reason, you should group them by similarity as this will make your packing much easier than packing randomly. For this reason, you should first wash plushy toys and then pack them in a cardboard box in a larger size. As these toys are usually huge in size but light in weight, large boxes are just perfect for them. Also, a perfect solution would be moving companies Glendale CA to hire.

    While Los Angeles interstate movers are packing the rest of your household, you now need to pack smaller toys. Toys like soldier’s figurines, animals, or Barbie accessories, you need to pack in plastic boxes with lids so they don’t get lost.

    toys on the window
    Pack your child’s toys properly

    Some toys need to be disassembled first

    Packing toys for children Glendale move can’t be done without a little bit of disassembling. You should know that movers California to New York don’t need to disassemble your items unless you pay. So, the disassembling job will be likely yours. After you disassemble toys like doll’s house or rocking horse, you need to wrap them for protection and then put them in a box.

    As you can see, packing your kid’s toys is not hard, it just takes time. However, you can involve your kids in the packing process and have a fun family activity in the process.

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