Tips for Packing and Moving Bulky Items

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    Moving as a process can be stressful and exhausting. Everyone who has moved knows that it is not just the transport of things from point A to point B. There are many things to take care of and take care of when moving. Packaging is one of the things that most people don’t like or don’t know how to do adequately. Packing and moving bulky items is a particularly complicated process. It is easy to put plates and glasses in a small box, but how to pack for example a piano or a huge old closet? If you have a dilemma about this, look for one of the best moving companies in California, and moving will be much easier and faster.


    Packing and moving bulky items with a moving company

    Hiring one of the best moving companies Pasadena is a great thing when it comes to moving. Professionals who have been in this business for a long time know how to move you without you having any work to do about it and hard physical effort. When it comes to packaging, leave it to the well-coordinated team from the moving company. Packing and moving large and heavy items can be very easier if the job is in the hands of the right people.

    Your belongings will be adequately protected from bumps and scratches, and also when brought into a new home, they will not damage your walls and floors. The problem with bulky things is that it takes experience to get out of the room. Even when it seems impossible, people who have been in this business for years certainly have a solution. So rely on the help and make it easier for yourself.

    Man packing and moving bulky items
    Prepare for a big move

    Do you live in an apartment? Bulky items can be moved!

    If you live in an apartment you are certainly worried when it comes to packing and moving big and heavy items. Small square footage is certainly your enemy and you worry that your bulky belongings will not be possible to move at right angles or take out through the door. It all stops if you contact good Los Angeles apartment movers! There is a solution to everything, and don’t forget – everything you bring into the apartment can be presented in some way. If you are on the upper floors without an elevator, experienced professionals from a good moving company will use their experience to bring you down to the truck or van in the safest way. There are also various tricks like taking heavy things out through the terrace, a large window or disassemble bulky things to make them easier to pack and move.


    What are the most common bulky items

    • Large kitchen appliances
    • Water heaters
    • Large TV
    • Car tires
    • Old big closets
    • Billiard table
    • Piano
    • Large paintings and antiques
    • Mirror

    Are you moving big household items? Here’s what to do!

    If you have not decided to hire moving labor Los Angeles and you are wondering what are the best tips when packing and moving bulky belongings, here are the most important ones. However, pay attention that these are just things that will make your job easier, which does not mean that you will succeed in doing everything properly.


    Disassemble your belongings as much as you can

    This is the most important thing when packing and moving your big and bulky stuff. You probably have no idea how much disassembling things can help you pack and how much it can protect your things. Some things just can’t be disassembled, but they are rare. Everything from several parts can be disassembled and in that way, it will be much easier and faster to move. The important thing is to take photos of everything before you throw yourself into this business so that you can put everything back together. You will need tools and a little strength for this job. If you are unsure how some things work and how they are so tightly connected, you can look online to solve your problem, or in the user manual if you have saved it.

    Sofa beside wall
    Disassemble your furniture!

    Protect your items when moving bulky things

    Detailed and precise packaging is half the job! When packing and moving large and heavy items, it is extremely important to protect everything well, because if you do not do that, serious damage and scratches can occur if something goes wrong. Use as many protective foils and bubble wraps as possible, if necessary wrap your things several times. When moving things, place cloths or towels on the floor so that heavy and bulky things do not scratch it. Seal everything with large adhesive tapes so that things are protected at all times during removal and transport.


    Prepare yourself

    Your safety comes first. So when it comes to relocating and packing huge and bulky items, you need to take care to be adequately trained and shod. You will be best protected if you wear a wardrobe that suits you best, but not too open so that in case of unforeseen situations there would be no big scratches on your body. Shoes are important to be comfortable and of good quality for any conditions, especially to be resistant to slipping if it rains when you move. The most important thing is to protect yourself well!



    The last, but not the least important step towards successful packaging and moving of your bulky items are marking! It is very important to mark your heavy things when you pack them. Especially if you have disassembled everything before, then this item is very important. Use multiple markers in multiple colors, and label everything! Indicate what is what and it will make it easier for you when moving and transporting, but also when all these things arrive at your new address.

    Man packing and moving bulky items
    Labeling is very important

    Packing and moving bulky items has never been easier! Now that you know the best tips and ideas on how to do this demanding job, you can embark on a process such as moving without worries and tensions. Enjoy the new address with your old heavy and bulky things. Good luck!

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