Tips for Living in Smaller Spaces

Last Updated: January 26th, 2023 at 08:24 am

It is getting harder and harder to find a reasonably priced place to live. No wonder that people are starting to see the positive sides to having a small apartment. Everybody with a small budget knows that living in smaller spaces is more affordable. The utility bills are cut in half, and the rent is cheap. Secondly, you do not have to share your flat with roommates. But you do have to fit all your belongings into a limited space and live comfortably. Since this is the major drawback for most people, they give up on their dream of living independently.  Luckily movers Los Angeles have a few tips that can help you sort your belongings in a small space. Not only will your new flat look spacious, but functional as well.


Make your tiny space look bigger with mirrors

There are many ways to trick the eye and make something look different than it is. With some genius interior designs, you can make your place look bigger than it is. It will only seem that way, but even that is better than feeling like you live in a small box. So the first thing you can do is to add mirrors. It is a well-known fact that they make any space look bigger. Therefore make one wall into a huge mirror. But be careful when transporting it. Because they can easily break, consider hiring Los Angeles residential movers. The second thing you can do is make some architectural changes. Primarily make your windows bigger. Yes, this can cost a bit more, but the benefits are unmeasurable. Not only will you have more fresh air, but light as well.

a room and a mirror
Make your tiny apartment look bigger by using mirrors

Make your small rooms livable by using bright colors

Another awesome solution is to stay away from dark colors. They might work in a big house, but here they will make something small look tiny. Also, they tend to smother the natural light in the house. Therefore go for something light and bright. On the other hand, do not use too many bright colors. Two or three will do the trick. Not only will they make the space look open but airy too. Also, after you let furniture movers Los Angeles put all your large furniture into a storage unit, consider using colors on the ones you will keep. Old shelves will look better with a splash of color. Similarly as with walls, try to stay away from dark colors. They will make even the smallest furniture look bulky. Take some time to experiment with what will work best for your new home.


When you are living in smaller spaces minimalism is the best solution

Unfortunately, to live in a small space, you have to make some sacrifices. And the one that is hardest for people to do is decluttering. If you are moving into a smaller flat, most definitely you will have to get rid of some of your things. If you are not sure how to do it right hire apartment movers Los Angeles. But this does not only apply to large furniture. You will also have to get rid of some of the decorations. Because they can take up every shelf, they will only suffocate the little space that you have. And if you hang too many pictures on your walls, the result will be the same. Also, this applies to the kitchen too. So think carefully about which pots and pans you can live without.

a tiny shelf
To comfortably inhabit tiny spaces use a minimum amount of decorations

For a comfortable life in compact spaces make sure they are clean

It is always important to keep your home clean. Not only because it looks nice, but it is also good for your health. Especially if you have allergies. Therefore, when you are living in smaller spaces, this becomes a number one rule. Unfortunately, this is not good news for a messy person. Any kind of clutter will eat away space. Even something as simple as a pile of dirty dishes will make your kitchen look small and uninviting. So once you finish eating, clean everything and put it in the cupboards. The same goes for clothes and shoes. Stack everything neatly and put it into the closet.


Functional furniture will make life in a small place pleasurable 

Japan has perfected the art of making functional furniture. From tables that turn into bookshelves. To beds that disappear into walls. There are many possible solutions that will make being in a small flat a pleasure rather than an inconvenience. But if you are unable to buy them, there are some cheaper solutions. Firstly, buy only the furniture that has legs. Because they will not look so massive, and you will have some space underneath that will help the space look open. Therefore avoid large sofas that go against the wall and swallow a lot of space. Secondly, tables and shelves made of glass are best for a small room. Their transparent nature will allow more light to pass through them and thus brighten the room. Also, they trick the eye so that it seems like they take up less space.

a bedroom and a window
Living in smaller spaces is easier with multifunctional furniture

Life in a smaller place can be fun and adventures 

Living in smaller spaces comes with many benefits. For example, you will spend less money every month, and thus you do not need a roommate. Unfortunately, unlike a large home with smaller ones, you have to be willing to make some compromises. Like decluttering your home and keeping it clean and tidy. Therefore put all the bulky furniture into storage, or donate it to a charity organization. Also, with a bit of imagination, you can arrange your furniture so that it looks like there is more space. There are so many more ideas you can try and have fun with. Just let your imagination fly.

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