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    Needing to go through a long distance relocation can be quite costly. You are going to want to go with a moving company, which means that you will need to contact several of them and compare their prices. Finding the most affordable moving help Los Angeles will be your first priority if you want to save money on a long distance move. Other than that, you can also secure additional funds by selling some of your unwanted items. Finding free moving boxes for your relocation will save you some more, as well. Finally, you can limit the services that you hire from movers by enlisting help from your friends. In this article, we are going to extrapolate on all of this and give you some additional tips.


    How to save money on a long distance move?

    Here are the four easy ways to reduce the moving costs:

    • Get free moving quotes from several different moving companies
    • Declutter and organize a yard sale!
    • Gather free moving boxes to save money on a long distance move
    • Ask your friends for help with the relocation
    person in white dress shirt using a calculator
    Calculate the necessary moving costs first.

    Get free moving quotes from several different moving companies

    The first thing that you need to do is figure out how much your move is going to cost. Settle on which services are absolutely essential for your relocation then search for movers. Get a free estimate from each mover before you decide on anything. But do make sure that you provide the exact same information to all the companies. Otherwise, you may have inconsistencies and it may be harder to figure out who offers the best deal.


    Declutter and organize a yard sale!

    This is a way to acquire more funds for your relocation. Gather all the items that you are not going to carry with you and create a garage sale with them. Even if you sell each item for a couple of dollars, it will add up and “reduce” the cost of your move. They can pay for the moving labor Los Angeles on their own, in most cases. Just remember that holding a garage sale takes time, both in marketing and actually running it. You may want to incorporate that in your moving plans. Of course, involve your entire family in it as these events can be really fun.


    Gather free moving boxes to save money on a long distance move

    This is perhaps the best way to reduce the cost of your move. You can get free boxes if you but visit your local stores and ask for them. More often than not, a store will be able to send a box or two your way. Visit enough of them and you will soon have all the containers you need. Of course, you may still need to hire services for a furniture move but not spending any money on boxes will definitely help. If you have time and energy, you can also try to find people that have recently moved and who might be willing to sell you some of their surplus materials at a lower price.

    unpacked boxes in middle of room
    Obtaining free boxes is the prime way of saving money on relocations.

    Ask your friends for help with the relocation

    Finally, the second-best way to save money is to have you and your friends do all the heavy lifting. You can load the truck on your own, which will save you a considerable sum of money. Just make sure that you ask for help nicely and you should not have any problems. Just make sure to return the favor someday and all is well.

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