Organize Your New Office After Moving to NYC

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    So, things are going as planned, nice. Everything about your move from California to New York went well with highly professional movers California to New York. You are finally there. The Big Apple isn’t waiting for you anymore. And you are about to organize your new office after moving to NYC. Congratulations! The first big step, your interstate relocation was a success. Great success in your business is yet to come but some decorating first.

    Organize your new office after moving to NYC
    Enjoy the time after successful interstate relocation – decorate your office to your liking. Why not play with colors at your office

    Organize your new office after moving to NYC

    Enjoy the pleasant work of designing and organizing your office.  You are going to spend a lot of time in your office so make it inspiring, comfortable, and organized.  Appliance movers Los Angeles have come up with some awesome office decorating and organizational ideas to help you stay energized and productive during the long working hours. A neat and businesslike office space clears the way for higher productivity and less wasted time. So, take your time and plan all the details, then strike while the iron is hot. If you put it aside for later, it might not be done as effectively as possible. When planning


    Think about the following

    Keep it businesslike

    Make sure to keep your desk, a phone, a computer at the central point and the front. Make other appliances and work tools like paper, pens, files handy. Don’t over-personalize your workspace. Try to avoid too many family photos especially during the vacation.


    Choose proper furniture

    Consider choosing furniture that is curved and rounded rather than sharp and straight-edged. Studies show that rounded furniture triggers positive emotions. It is more inviting and pleasant for the long hours in the workspace. If you need help, hire good furniture movers LA to give you a hand.


    Hold it neat and functional

    Don’t neglect clutter. Plan your workstation to be easily accessible for decluttering and cleaning. Also, make sure that you can easily sit or stand up ergonomically and that it’s easy to get in and out of. Next, try to set it up so that it’s easy for others to reach you.


    Make it comfortable

    You might want to add a comfortable footrest or a pillow. A pillow will bring in some colors and patterns you love and that can make you more satisfied at your workplace.

    Beautiful daylight at the office
    Opt for curved office furniture for triggering positive emotions

    Add some greenery

    Plants work wonders for offices. They can liven things up in cold-feeling offices. Some plants are better than others as they remove toxins from the air and are easy to care for. The best plants for offices are ZZ plants, snake plants, lucky bamboos, aloe, and jade plants.


    Adjust lighting

    Generally, warmer yellow or orange lights tend to be better for relaxing, whereas cooler blue and white lights are good for working, waking up, and concentrating. So, you know what to chose for the main light, you can always add a small desk lamp with a warmer light for a cozier feel.


    Add artwork

    Artwork is a nice way to make your workspace more personal and attractive but still stay professional.  According to your preferences hang up a piece of fine art, some posters, photos, quotes, wallpapers, grid panels, or cork boards.


    Add accessories

    You always wanted nice functional accessories on your desk, didn’t you? Now is the time to go for a cute cup, mug, or a jar, lovely baskets, and boxes, special vases, and flower pots.


    Contact us for your next move

    We, at SOS Moving and Storage, hope we helped you how to get going and organize your office after moving to NYC. Enjoy it and do not forget to contact us for your next relocation regardless of whether you are moving your home or an office.

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