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    California is a place that offers a lot of freedom and opportunities. However, it’s time to move from Santa Clarita and you want your next destination to be Beverly Hills. It makes a lot of sense but it’s wise to look at the whole situation first. Before you hire movers and packers Los Angeles for moving from Santa Clarita to Beverly Hills you need to take certain things into consideration. Here are just some things to know before you actually decide to relocate.


    How to prepare for relocating from Santa Clarita to Beverly Hills

    Even though there are only 30 miles between Santa Clarita and Beverly Hills you need to prepare for this type of move. Even more important, it’s a good idea to hire a professional company to handle it for you. If you use the movers Santa Clarita CA you can be sure that they will organize and execute the move to the smallest details. However, it’s a good idea to prepare for your move, whatever the way you decide to move, to downsize and declutter. This will help you drag less stuff with you and make your new Beverly Hills home look more spacious.

    A woman sitting in a moving box
    When moving from Santa Clarita to Beverly Hills you need to prepare

    You’ll spend less time in traffic after your move

    If you plan on moving from Santa Clarita to Beverly Hills you will be pleasantly surprised. You will have a lot less time you’ll spend on your commute in general. To be almost precise, the difference on average is 11 minutes! That means that during the week you’ll spend almost an hour less in your car in a traffic jam. Our Beverly Hills movers are here to confirm the fact that the moves in the neighborhood are going efficiently and according to the schedule. It’s one of those small details that can matter a lot in the long run after moving.


    The price of living is much higher in Beverly Hills

    When you’re relocating to a new place you want to know the price of living and housing in advance. Having in mind that California is one of the most expensive parts of the US you can imagine that both of these places require a good income to live in. However, even our Los Angeles apartment movers know just how huge the prices in Beverly Hills are for people who live outside of it. To be exact the price of living between these two cities is almost 5 times. Beverly Hills is one of the most expensive parts of LA and California in general.


    Moving from Santa Clarita to Beverly Hills will mean a spike in crime rates

    Moving doesn’t always mean that every aspect of life will always improve. One of the things that will change for the worse is the crime rate. Santa Clarita is definitely the more peaceful of the two places, however, there’s a good reason for it. In fact, the crime rate is pretty higher in Beverly Hills. However, that spike isn’t because of violent crimes that are almost at the same level when you compare them. It’s actually the result of many property crimes that happen in Beverly Hills. That shouldn’t surprise you as here live only people who are rich enough to afford big prices. But don’t worryBeverly Hills has its own police station and it’s very helpful.

    A man in handcuffs
    The crime rates are higher in Beverly Hills

    If you’re relocating from Santa Clarita to Beverly Hills with kids they will receive a better education

    It’s difficult to compare places that are so close to each other when it comes to education. For that reason, there are some key comparison points when it comes to these two places when you involve education. After you’ve finished with our moving labor Los Angeles services, you can be proud that a teacher to student ratio is a lot lower in Beverly Hills. That means that your children will have a lot more dedication than they would’ve had in Santa Clarita. On top of that here on average there is 30% more money invested in education. When it comes to education Beverly Hills won’t disappoint.


    Beverly Hills is one of the places in the US where people earn the most money

    If you’re transferring from Santa Clarita to Beverly Hills you can be sure that there’s money to be made. Even though the difference between these two places is only around 20 % in income there are many high-end possibilities that will make your household income double in no time. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to be a success story if you move, but opportunities are there. There’s a good reason the cost of living and housing is that high.

    A bunch of money
    Beverly Hills offers some great job opportunities

    Relocating from Santa Clarita to Beverly Hills? Look for a reputable moving company

    Now that you have some crucial information before you can make your big move it’s time to find a moving company that can help you out. Above all, make sure that they are trustworthy, licensed, and professional. There are many tools to help you find such a company. From asking around the people you know to online tools like the Better Business Bureau and similar websites. Ask for as many relocation quotes as you can and you’ll find the best candidate to help you in relocating from Santa Clarita to Beverly Hills.

    When you’re moving from Santa Clarita to Beverly Hills you need to have your priorities in check. Be it that you’re moving for work, education, entertainment, or anything else it needs to make sense. For that reason, make a budget, create a list of pros and cons, and do your research. Relocating is never easy but the better you prepare for it the better it will end up. Make sure to make the best decision for you, and if you move, we’re sure you’ll enjoy Beverly Hills.

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