How to Pack Your Kitchen Appliances for the Move?

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    Moving can be quite stressful, especially when it comes to relocating your entire household. Every room in your house can pose a problem due to a large number of different items. However, every other room fails in comparison to your kitchen. Not only do you have many kitchen utensils, but also kitchen appliances. Kitchen appliances are both heavy and large. They can be quite complicated to move. For this reason, you can either hire the best moving companies Los Angeles or try to do it yourself. It is always better to let professionals do their job, but in order to save money, you can try to pack your items. Therefore, here is how you should pack your kitchen appliances for the move.


    Pack your kitchen appliances for the move – is it worth moving them?

    First of all, before you hire moving companies Glendale CA, you need to decide whether it is worth it to move your kitchen appliances. As already mentioned, they are quite heavy and large. This means it is quite easy to damage your appliances if you do not know how to move them properly. In addition to this, you can cause serious property damage. This can be an even bigger problem since you will need to repair it before you move out. Usually, it is quite expensive to repair any property damage. For this reason, make sure to see if you really need to move your appliances. Maybe it will be more affordable just to buy new ones. Sometimes, if you decide to rent your new place, the house or apartment might already have most of the kitchen appliances.

    pack your kitchen appliances for the move with grey appliances
    Decide whether you want to move your kitchen or not

    Should you hire movers?

    Another question to answer before you start preparing your move and packing your items – should you hire movers or not? It might seem expensive to hire movers, but there are also many advantages. Here are some of them.

    • Moving and packing supplies – movers will have all the necessary moving and packing supplies.
    • Additional services – if you want to skip packing everything by yourself, you can easily find packing services Los Angeles.
    • Skills – you need to have skills in order to pack everything properly so your items will not get damaged during transport.
    • Insurance – most moving companies offer basic coverage but you can get better insurance if you pay more. This means any damage or loss will be covered by insurance.

    However, keep in mind that if you know how to properly pack your items, you can do this part by yourself. Movers can only be responsible for transporting your items.


    Pack your kitchen appliances for the move – the fridge

    Probably the most difficult kitchen appliance that you have to pack would be the fridge. It is both huge and quite heavy. You will probably use your fridge until the last moment. For this reason, you should start preparing your fridge at least a couple of days in advance. You need to decide what you will do with your food. you should try to use everything that you have in your fridge before you need to pack it. Then, you need to thoroughly clean your fridge before you pack it. Make sure there are no food remains inside your fridge. Then, you should completely dry your fridge, remove all the pieces inside, and secure the door with moving straps. Cover the fridge with a moving blanket, pack all the pieces individually, and label the boxes before movers Los Angeles County arrive.

    white kitchen cabinets
    Make sure to properly pack your fridge

    What about your dishwasher?

    The process is quite similar to your dishwasher as well. First of all, you need to clean your dishwasher before you decide to move it. Make sure that the filters are cleaned, there are no food remains inside, and every sleeping completely dry. This is extremely important if you want to avoid damages caused by mold. Not only can mold cause damage to your dishwasher, but the water can also cause damage to other items that will be placed next to the dishwasher. Then, you should secure all the cords in the dishwasher. After this, if it is necessary, you can also secure the door of the dishwasher with moving straps. You can cover your dishwasher with either a moving blanket or similar materials. Your movers California to New York will expect to find your kitchen appliances packed this way for transport.


    Pack your kitchen appliances for the move – the oven/stove

    Again, you should start by deep cleaning your oven and stove. Usually, your oven or stove is quite dirty because of all the cooking. It is extremely important to clean it thoroughly before you pack your oven or stove for relocation. As mentioned, food remains can cause a lot of damage. But this is not the biggest problem. Food remains can attract pests, insects, and everything that you don’t want close to your items during transport. This can be an even bigger problem if you decide to store your items for a certain period of time. After the thought of cleaning, it is quite easy to pack your oven. Make sure to remove all the removable items. Then, you need to secure the door with a moving strap as well as all the cords. Cover it with a moving blanket and it is good to go.

    green kitchen cabinets
    Clean your oven before you pack it

    What about the small appliances?

    When you need to pack your kitchen appliances for the move, this also includes your smaller appliances. There are quite easy to move because of their size. If you have their original boxes, you can reuse them for this purpose. If not, then you just need to find the cardboard boxes that are big enough to accommodate your kitchen appliances. Make sure to properly label your boxes so your movers will know to handle these boxes more gently. As for transporting your items, due to use other usually for large items while you can carry the smaller items in your hand to the moving truck.

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