How to Pack Your Glassware for an Interstate Move?

Last Updated: January 26th, 2023 at 08:39 am

Are you moving soon, but you’re not sure how to pack your glassware? SOS Moving and Storage LA is an LA-based company that can tackle any kind of move with ease. We’re here to help you to protect your fragile items in the best possible way, and ensure their safety throughout the move. When you’re packing glassware, there is always a doubt that it will make it safely to the end destination. With our help, you won’t have to worry about that – you’ll know that you have done a good job. To dive into the process of packing your glassware, keep on reading!

packing materials
High-quality packing materials are a must when you pack your glassware.

To pack your glassware, you will need quality material

When it comes to packing, you can choose to get help from packing services Los Angeles, or you can do it yourself. Whatever you choose, don’t forget that you have to get high-quality packing materials for your glassware.

To pack your glasses, you will need:

  • Glassine – Glassine is used to protect the wrapped item. It will protect your glassware from scratches, dirt, and moisture.
  • Bubble wrap –  Bubble wrap is used to wrap each glassware item twice. It is the protective layer, which is why it’s the part of the packing materials that you shouldn’t ever lack.
  • Packing paper – Packing paper can be used either as packing peanuts or for stackable glassware.
  • Packing peanuts – Packing peanuts will protect your items during transport. You should fill the box with them, but not so much that the items can’t move at all.
  • Boxes – Preferably plastic ones. The plastic boxes will protect the glassware much better than the cardboard ones if it comes to some sort of accident and the box gets hit, for example.
  • Adhesive tape
  • Knife/Scissors

Those are the materials that you should get. Don’t cut down on bubble wrap – you will need a lot of it.


Choose between the cardboard and plastic boxes

When it comes to packing your items, there’s always the dilemma: should I use cardboard or plastic boxes? If you choose to hire Los Angeles Interstate Movers, you won’t have to worry about it – they will handle the whole process for you. If you want to have that responsibility, then make sure that you make the right choice. In the end, it’s the question of the budget and the quantity of the items. If you have a lot of fragile items and can’t afford to get plastic boxes for all of them, then think about insuring them. You can get insurance at the same company whose moving services you decided to use.

pack your glassware in the box
Plastic boxes are more secure – invest in them if your finances allow you.

Don’t hold out on bubble wrap when you pack your glassware

Many of the moving companies West Los Angeles offer packing and moving services for fragile items. If you don’t feel like you can devote yourself fully to the process, it’s better to delegate it to professionals.

When you’ve got the boxes and the rest of the packing material ready,  you have to wrap your items.

How to pack your glassware for an interstate move:

  • Wrap each glassware item in the glassine
  • Apply two layers of the bubble wrap
  • If you’re stacking several pieces of glassware, place the packing paper between them
  • Use one box for one glassware item, if you can
  • Fill it in with the packing peanuts
  • Label the boxes

In conclusion

Hopefully, this guide has shown you where to start and how to pack your glassess. Interstate moves are specific – the items often change several means of transportation in order to reach the end destination. As you can see, packing the glassware isn’t complicated. The key to doing it is knowing how much, and what kind of materials, you should use. Be careful and follow the guide to pack your glassware properly!

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