How to Pack a Fishing Tank for Your Move From Glendale CA

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    So, you have made your mind, you are taking your fish with you and most ideally you are looking into moving companies Glendale CA. Yes, that’s right, get professional help. You have too much on your plate anyway. And now, nothing else to do than roll up your sleeves and start packing. You have to transport your tank empty.



    Therefore, if moving the whole interior of a tank with Los Angeles interstate movers, including your fish, equipment, plants, and decorations, you will need some essential supplies to make it happen. Have a look at the list of supplies, some of them you already have. Here is what you will need:

    • a fishnet – to transport your fish from the tank to the transport container
    • plastic bucket for fish – preferably clean 5-gallon bucket with lid for larger fish
    • plastic bags – for transporting a small fish short distance
    • buckets – to submerge plants into the water and place decoration
    • siphon hose – to remove water from the tank
    • cardboard boxes
    • packing tape
    • moving blankets and bubble wrap to safely pack and move the fish tank itself


    With movers California to New York, everything is easier so is the final job to pack a fishing tank for your move from Glendale, CA. A few important steps are as follow:

    fish in a fish tank
    With the right supplies and appropriate steps packing a tank for move won’t be a problem
    • Remove live plants and decorations from your tank
    • Take out all filters and pumps, chillers and heaters, light fixtures, tubes, etc.
    • Drain your fish tank of water completely.
    • Transfer all that decorative sand or gravel into an empty bucket.
    • When finally empty, thoroughly clean your tank and dry it up.
    • The packing process is simple. Packing paper first, then bubble wrap on top of it for added protection. Wrap the entire fish tank in a couple of moving covers, and tape everything in place with duct tape.

    We hope we helped you in planning your move with your fish. One more thing, be extra careful when handling everything, especially the tank as the tank breaks very easily.

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