How to Help Your Kids Settle After Moving to Downtown La

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    Every move requires you to spend a lot of your time planning. You have to prepare for the relocation and to hire a good company. There is also taking care of the stuff once you’ve moved and the financial aspect of the whole operation. However, if you are moving with kids, don’t forget they have their own needs as well. Unlike grown-ups, for kids, it’s much harder to adapt. They need time and a lot of support from their parents to psychologically adapt. So, let us give you some useful advice on how to help your kids settle after moving to Downtown LA and avoid all the usual mistakes parents unintentionally make.

    Explore the neighborhood to help your kids settle after moving to Downtown LA

    You should do this almost immediately after SOS Moving Los Angeles relocates you to Downtown LA. What’s good about kids is that they actually aren’t that hard to get used to a new environment, just as long as it’s a nice one. So, take your kids to a playground nearby. Buy them ice cream. Take them to a toy store. All those gestures will make your kids feel like they are starting out a new in a really nice and supportive environment.

    A Disney character called Pluto is waving at the camera.
    Help your kids settle after moving to Downtown LA by taking them to Disneyland.

    Have trips to Disneyland and other places for kids to enjoy

    You can google some nice places kids would love to see, both entertainment places and in nature. Here are some of them you can visit after relocating with movers downtown Los Angeles has to offer:

    • Universal Studios Hollywood
    • Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory
    • Disneyland Resort
    • Hollywood
    • The Getty Center
    • Petersen Automotive Museum

    If your kids associate all those nice experiences with their new home, it will really help your kids settle after relocating to Downtown LA. The more nice experiences they have, the better. Let them enjoy doing things outside in LA. Have field trips according to their wish, as long as it’s not too expensive or too far away.

    Help your kids settle after relocating to Downtown LA by unpacking their rooms first

    By doing so, you will make your kids feel like the move was a good thing and it was done for them. They will accept the new environment as something special and something they should cherish. Less time will pass for them to adapt and you will have your peace in no time. This is something you can do the day after the move to LA.

    Another important element is allowing them to help in unpacking. If you allow your kids to unpack their own stuff, they will feel in control of the place and they will know where everything belongs.

    A lot of pages in different colors.
    Let your kids choose the color their room will be. You will help them adapt much faster.

    help your kids settle after moving to Downtown LA by designing the room

    This often isn’t an option, but if you get a chance to paint the rooms once your appliance movers Los Angeles moved you, do it and do it in accordance with your child’s wish. They will be spending most of the time in that space and that’s why the fair thing to do would be to allow them to pick their own color.

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