How to Help Elderly People Move to California?

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    Moving your entire household is both physically and mentally exhausting. Of course, this depends on the size of your household, the distance between your all old and new house, your age, and so on. It is normal that younger people will have an easier time relocating their items. Senior people, on the other hand, might not be able to handle relocating everything by themselves. For this reason, you should help elderly people move to California as much as you can. Besides hiring moving companies in California, you should also find ways to help them without acting too overbearing. Here is what you can do for your elderly members of your family.


    Help elderly people move to California by hiring a moving company

    First of all, you should help your elderly to find a suitable moving company for them. For example, if they are moving to an apartment, then you should find the Los Angeles apartment movers for their relocation. The same applies if this relocation is long-distance, local, with some special items, and so on. Why is it important to hire a moving company? It is extremely important to relocate items in a safe way. They should reach the new house in good condition. This is always important but it is especially important when seniors are moving. There are usually more attached to their items and they do not want to spend money on replacing them. For this reason, you should find reliable movers that know how to do their job properly. Your seniors will definitely appreciate professional assistance.

    person looking at the phone about how to help elderly people move to California
    You should find a moving company and contact them

    How to find a suitable moving company?

    It is not easy to find a suitable moving company. Unfortunately, there are many frauds working in the moving industry. They will do anything but help you or your family members to move safely to your new house. For this reason, when you are searching for moving companies Pasadena, you should do research. First of all, when you’re searching for a moving company, make sure to be as specific as possible. Then, pick three to five companies that you like at the first glance. You should read moving reviews to see what previous customers have to say about their services. Then, when you contact moving companies, make sure to ask for their licenses. Every reliable moving company should have a license issued by some type of government institution. Lastly, ask your seniors what they think about moving companies that you choose.


    Help elderly people move to California by giving the packing choices

    You have two choices when you are moving. The first choice is to pack every single item by yourself and gather all the necessary packing supplies alone. The second choice would be to use professional packing services LA. Since you need to help your seniors to move, it would be better to use professional packing services. This means that movers will come to their house, bring all the necessary packing supplies, and pack all of their items properly. If something happens due to their mistakes, they will have to pay for repairs or replacement.

    However, if they plan to use professional parking services, their relocation will be more expensive. On the other hand, if they plan to pack everything by themselves, it can be physically demanding. This means you need to help them to pack their items properly. Additionally, you will be also responsible for collecting all the necessary packing supplies.

    boxes against the wall
    You should collect all the necessary packing supplies

    Collecting packing supplies and decluttering the house

    The best way to save money would be to collect packing supplies on your own and to declutter the house before relocation. First of all, if you want to collect moving supplies by yourself, you have several choices. You can either visit your local supermarkets, stores, offices, and similar places to get cardboard boxes. Make sure these boxes are in good condition. You can also find shredded paper, bubble wrapping, tape, and similar items at these places. The only thing that you should buy would be plastic boxes, moving blankets, packing peanuts, and so on. In addition to this, it is extremely necessary to declutter the house before relocation. You should help your seniors to decide what they want to do with their items. Make sure to separate items into several piles as you seem fit. Here are some examples.


    Help elderly people move to California and assist with packing

    The last thing you should help your seniors when moving would be to pack their items. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone. Rather, you should work together and pack their household items. It would be better to make a packing plan so you can schedule the days and hours when you can dedicate your time to packing. Since you need to consider the age and physical condition of your elderly, you should not pack items for more than a couple of hours per day. In addition to this, you should be the one packing heavy and large household appliances, furniture, and so on. Your seniors can be responsible for packing smaller and lighter items such as clothes, dishes, and similar. If you are the one doing the packing, make sure you pack everything properly. In any case, get proper moving insurance.

    person putting bags in the truck
    Together with your seniors, pack their items

    How to plan a moving day?

    You should also help elderly people moved to California on their moving day as well. Be there on a moving day so you can welcome movers and assist if necessary. Your seniors can offer refreshments and maybe food if they want to. After everything is loaded in the moving truck, together with your seniors, you should take a walk around the house to see if everything was packed and moved to the moving truck. Lastly, you should help with unpacking their item as well once they move into their new house.

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