Get To Know New York After the Move

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    Moving to New York sounds like a dream come true and you couldn’t be happier. However, when the initial happiness fades away, you will have to face the reality of living in a very big city. Moving to NYC can be very stressful if you lived in a small city your whole life. At first, NYC can look very intimidating and scary with so many people, constant rush, and a very fast lifestyle. However, after you get to know New York after the move, you will see that a few cons are nothing compared to the countless benefits this city has. Also, when you are moving to a big city, it’s very important to have a reliable partner beside you such as SOS Moving Los Angeles. A successful and well-done move is a perfect start to a new life in a new home and city.


    What is the best way to get to know New York after the move? 

    If you thought preparing for relocating to NYC is hard and complicated, just wait until your first time comminuting through NYC rush hour. When you are moving, you will have movers California to New York to offer help and offer any advice you might need. On the other hand, after the relocation, you will have to make it on your own. You must keep in mind that the first couple of days might be stressful until you learn and get used to living in one of the biggest cities in the world. The city might not be perfect as in movies. However, it is still one of the most beautiful places in the world. For this reason, you should start with small steps and get to know NYC piece by piece.

    crowded NYC street
    NYC is extremely huge and overpopulated

    Get to know New York after the move – the numbers

    Simply put, New York City is a very huge and most populated city in the United States with an estimated population of 8,400 000. This number alone shows you how grand NYC truly is. The city is divided into five boroughs that function like small cities on their own. The five boroughs are the following.

    • Manhattan – where wealthy people live 
    • Queens – largest area  
    • Brooklyn – where most people live 
    • Bronx – where hip hop is born 
    • Staten Island – where you can get to only with Staten Island Ferry 

    All five boroughs are divided into many more neighborhoods. The transport between two neighborhoods can be chaotic and confusing sometimes. For this reason, you will need good tips to beat NYC traffic. Additionally, drivers in NYC don’t often have patience for the proper way of driving. They are not afraid to show their displeasure with endless honking.


    How much is NYC expensive?

    If you thought that NYC is very expensive is only a myth then you are unfortunately very wrong. In this case, myth is actually a reality that over 8 million people live here every day. First, the tax in NYC is one of the highest in the US which is not something to look forward to. Next is the housing issue. The rental market in NYC is very competitive and guided with one simple rule – the closer you want to downtown the more expensive it gets. The apartments are usually very tiny with rents that don’t match the size. For this reason, it’s best to direct your appliance movers Los Angeles to a storage unit rather than your small apartment. The median renting price for a studio apartment is around $1,900 and for a two-bedroom apartment is $2,500.

    Sunset in NYC
    Apartments are quite expensive in NYC

    Get to know New York after the move – neighborhoods

    What kind of neighborhood is best for you depends on what kind of lifestyle you are searching for. When looking for a neighborhood to live in, your top priority should be safety and low crime rates. This is especially important if you are moving with your family, so you don’t have to constantly worry about their safety. The top neighborhoods that stand out in this category are Roosevelt Island, Battery Park City, Murray Hill, and Tribeca all in Manhattan. There are also Fresh Meadows and Long Island City in Queens, City Island in the Bronx, and Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn. In these neighborhoods, you won’t have a problem meeting your neighbors after moving to NYC from CA. The further you get from the city center, you will find more quiet and residential neighborhoods. They are perfect for families with small kids.


    What kind of lifestyle is NYC known for?

    There is one word that can describe NYC perfectly and that is overstimulation. You will have to get used to constant traffic noise, crowds of people on almost every corner, and fierce competition for job opportunities. However, this overstimulation has its benefits as with high competition comes lots of opportunities and need for success and to become the better version of you. Additionally, you will never run out of fun things to do. You can find every possible imagined entertainment in NYC such as museums, bars, restaurants, sport, clubbing, etc. Also, NYC has very beautiful beaches such as Rockaway Beach or Coney Island where you can get with simple subway ticket. Central Park is also a place that you must absolutely visit. Find out why it’s one the most visited park in the US with over 25 million tourists in the year.

    Central Park
    You can visit Central Park and have fun

    Why is NYC a good choice for you?

    Moving is not easy, especially in a big city like NYC. You might be filled with doubts about how you are going to make it in this big jungle called NYC. However, having doubts from time to time is normal. It’s only important to believe in yourself and don’t give up. You will see that once you get to know New York after the move, you will fall in love with this amazing city. Once you conquer life in NYC, nothing will be impossible for you. You will have many opportunities to meet new people, try something new, and enjoy life to its fullest. There is nothing better than calling yourself a New Yorker.

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