Genius Hacks and Solutions for Moving Furniture

Last Updated: January 26th, 2023 at 10:27 am

If you are moving home and have decided to move furniture on your own rather than hire professionals, make sure you know what to do. We say this because you can easily get hurt by trying to move heavy objects on your own. Remember, hiring furniture movers Los Angeles residents are proud of is always the best option. With this, we also give you our genius hacks and solutions for moving furniture – just to be safe.


Know what you need to move when moving furniture

Take an inventory of all the items you have, how much time you will take to disassemble your furniture, and what can be prepared before your move. For example, the beds may not be able to be separated before moving the day, but your office desk might be. If you’re not sure how to move heavy and bulky items, look for professional help. All moving companies in California know how to help you when lifting heavy loading, so don’t be afraid to ask.

family moving furniture
Prevent injuries to you and your family by hiring experienced professionals

Measure all doors and hallways

Before you start moving furniture from an old home, you need to make sure everything fits through all the doors, hallways, elevators, or stairs. Sometimes you can move furniture without having to dismantle your items, but that may not always be the case. For example, you may need to dismantle a recliner sofa or any other larger piece of furniture. Measure everything as you may need to remove the door before you try to move it.


Get the right tools and equipment

If you want to dismantle furniture on your own, that’s fine, just don’t play with your office equipment. It’s always better to call office movers Los Angeles and safely move any business furniture. If you move your private objects, choose tools to separate all tabletops, doors, or frames. For table tops and table legs or any pieces that are valuable or fragile, make sure you have furniture covers and packing tape that can be used to wrap and protect these items. We also recommend renting a stroller along with straps to help protect your back and make sure you can move heavier parts.

Before you start moving furniture from the old home, you need to make sure everything fits through all the doors, hallways, elevators, or stairs.

Disassemble first

First, prepare pieces of furniture that require disassembly. This will take some time, so it’s best to do this while you still feel enthusiastic. Then, remove any removable parts. In particular, table legs, glass tops, shelves, or beds. Take one piece at a time and store the screws and bolts in a plastic bag. Write on the outside to which element it belongs to and what tools are needed to reassemble. This will significantly help after your residential move is done.


Ensure that parts are not lost

Tape the bags to the underside of the larger pieces. Do not attach them to areas that could be damaged when the tape is removed. If a piece of furniture has a lot of parts, list the parts “1 of 5”, “2 of 5”, etc. Use a small sticker to label everything correctly. Good luck!  Trying DIY relocation?

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