Downsides of Friends Helping You Pack

Last Updated: January 26th, 2023 at 10:26 am

Once you embark on a journey called relocation, it’s time to think about a great moving plan. One of the points in your upcoming journey may be how on Earth are you going to move all your things. If you have already announced that you are moving and preparing for moving, there will certainly be relatives and friends who will offer to make moving easier – or more difficult – for you. And when you think about moving services Los Angeles – you just may not think about the packing process itself. So, let’s see all the downsides of friends helping you pack – and what can you do to get all the help you need.


Are your friends helping you pack? Think again

It is nice to have a large family and friends that a person can rely on, as most of the time they are there to help you. We say most of the time as it’s all nice – but how capable and ready are your friends for moving? And especially, how are your friends going to help you pack in the first place? We guess none of them work as professional packing services. And better yet: how many of them have experience with moving and packing. On that note, do you have someone in your team who will be the brains of the whole operation, that is, who will manage the packing process?

friends helping you pack
Are there any downsides of friends helping you pack?

This is just one of the disadvantages of choosing an amateur for this task. When your friends come, you have to repay them in some way – because you don’t pay them like you would with a professional moving company. Trust us, it’s better to check moving quotes Los Angeles than having to think if you owe something. Because you have an obligation to your friends… While they can easily just mess with your items things. With this, you can end up serving drinks and food for the whole day.


Friends vs. professionals

When you hire professional Southern California movers – those people know their job. With this, they have a team leader with whom you negotiate everything. You are not obliged in any way to give them food and drinks (of course, you can offer them something if you feel like it). Besides, you will have less work than when you do it with amateurs or friends that don’t know how to pack things the right way.

a couple packing
You will have less work than when you do it with amateurs or friends that don’t know how to pack things the right way.

The decision is up to you

Are you capable of all these challenges or will you hire professionals? The assessment and decision are only up to you. If you believe that your friends will help you out, go and do that. Just don’t end up having to find new friends. Whatever you decide, we wish you good luck. 

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