DIY Moving Mistakes You Should Avoid

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    No one said moving is easy. It’s much easier if you hire one of the moving companies Pasadena to complete your move. However, doing a DIY is also not impossible, maybe just a little bit harder. DIY move has its advantages. First, you won’t be spending money on professional movers and you can set the pace of your move. You can do whatever you want and how you want it. However, besides those advantages, you will also have to face some disadvantages. If you are moving for the first time, you might don’t know what to do and might cause some damages. You also might not know what DIY moving mistakes you should avoid. Here are a few common DIY mistakes you shouldn’t do.


    What DIY moving mistakes you should avoid?

    The most well-known DIY mistake that most people fall victim to is thinking you have enough time. When you are doing your move without moving companies in California, you can set the pace of packing and moving your belongings. However, this could also be a huge trap to fall into. You might think you have enough time and that if you skip a few days of packing won’t affect you much. Well, that sadly it’s not true. If you don’t stick to your moving plan, your move could last much longer than you expected.

    Keeping with the context of the time, another mistake you should avoid is starting late. Not starting on time is also something you should definitely avoid as you won’t have enough time for packing. For this reason, you should be a responsible person and follow your moving schedule.

    DIY moving mistakes you should avoid when carrying a box
    You should start packing on time

    Thinking you can complete the move all alone

    If you are doing a DIY move doesn’t mean you should do it alone, just that you don’t plan to hire Los Angeles apartment movers. Professional movers are more than welcome when you need to pack your household. However, when you don’t have professional help, you can ask your family and friends for help. You will see that with their help, you will finish your packing much faster and easier.

    You can’t do the move without moving supplies. The mistake you could do is not getting the right or enough moving supplies. If don’t know what kind of moving supplies need for your move, there is the ultimate list of moving supplies for every move. Moving supplies that you need to get are the following.

    • Moving boxes in different sizes
    • Packing paper
    • Bubble pack
    • Tape
    • Marker
    loading boxes in the truck
    You will need help to carry and load your boxes

    Thinking that DIY equal cheaper move

    Hiring movers will indeed require a bigger budget than doing a DIY move. However, you also must be prepared to spend extra coins on this type of move. Thinking that a small budget is enough is also one of the DIY moving mistakes you should avoid. For starters, you will have to buy all the moving supplies. Additionally, you will have to rent a moving truck, pay for the gas, find moving insurance, and these are only expected costs. Any possible damages to your items or injuries will be paid from your wallet. In the end, it will cost almost the same as hiring professional movers.

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