Big Family Relocation Checklist

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    It is definitely a huge challenge when you have to relocate your entire household. The difficulty of this challenge would depend on several factors. The biggest ones would be the size of your household and the size of your family. Usually, big families go hand in hand with huge households. For this reason, you will be extremely busy for the next couple of months until you finish preparing for your relocation. Apart from hiring Sos Moving and Storage Los Angeles to help you with your relocation, you also need to have a checklist for you to follow. Therefore, here is how your big family relocation checklist should look like.


    Hire a moving company

    First of all, you need to find and hire moving companies Pasadena at least two or three months in advance. Since you are moving with your big family, you should get professional help for your relocation. Otherwise, it can be extremely difficult and overwhelming to organize everything by yourself. It is quite challenging to move your entire household while taking care of your big family. For this reason, not only should you hire a moving company, but you should also find someone to help you out with your children.

    kids playing outside
    Make arrangements for your kids

    Who should be suitable to take care of your children? You have several options when it comes to finding someone to look after your children while you are busy preparing for relocation. This of course applies if your children are too small. If they are teenagers or even older, then, they can actively help you in organizing a household relocation. As of now, you can find the following people.

    • Hire a nanny
    • Ask your parents to look after your kids
    • See if your relatives are willing to look after them
    • You can also ask your friends

    Big family relocation checklist for packing

    After you make arrangements for your children, it is time to organize your packing checklist. First of all, you need to get packing supplies. If you only plan to hire moving labor Los Angeles, then you need to collect all the packing supplies on your own. On the other hand, you can let your moving company take care of everything. This is an easier but more expensive option.


    DIY packing

    In addition to this, if you plan to pack your items on your own, you need to make a checklist. The best way to go about packing your household would be to pack one room per time. You can leave packing larger and bulkier pieces of your household to furniture movers Los Angeles. This is the best way to avoid sustaining any injuries during your relocation process.

    make Big Family Relocation Checklist for your living room
    Start packing from your living room

    More things to take care of 

    Lastly, when you are making a big family relocation checklist, make sure to include the following things.

    • A visit to your children’s school
    • Making a doctor’s appointment
    • Visiting your bank, post office, work, and similar institutions
    • Arrange a farewell party because this is important to your children

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