Best Ways to Start Your Moving Day

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    When the packing and moving process is nearing completion, it means that the day of moving is approaching. A lot of people are worried about how the relocation process will go. Thinking about the day of moving brings them unnecessary stress and prevents them from being excited about moving to a new home. Hiring one of the moving companies in California will make relocation much easier. If you start your moving day prepared, everything will go well.

    A family making breakfast together
    Family breakfast is a good way to start your moving day with positive energy.

    The best way to start your moving day is to get up as early as possible

    The day of moving is always filled with many obligations and activities. That’s why it’s important to be rested. Make an effort the night before moving to bed earlier to catch as much sleep as possible and get enough rest. It would be good to get up as early as possible on the day of moving so that you can start the day slowly and relaxed. Set the alarm to get up early enough to have time to drink your first-morning coffee in peace and have breakfast before the chaos of moving. If you are moving with your family, make the last meal together in the house that will be old tomorrow. So you will start the day moving full of positive energy and make your day easier.


    Dress appropriately for moving

    While at first glance moving clothes doesn’t seem like an essential thing, believe me, it is. During the day of moving you have a lot of obligations and it is important to be dressed so that you are comfortable, but at the same time practical. Avoid wide things, so as not to get caught in something and stumble. Check the weather forecast well and try to dress in layers so that you can work unhindered. It is best not to wear jewelry, and especially to avoid long jewelry that can get caught and torn. Be appropriately dressed and ready to move in before any of the moving labor Los Angeles arrive. If your clothes are comfortable and easy to work in, you will be much more productive when moving.

    Shoes and clothes necessary to start your movingday
    Prepare comfortable moving clothes on time.

    Organize care for children and pets

    Small children and pets cannot help you in the moving process. What’s more, they can bother you. Before the day of moving begins, arrange with a trusted friend or family to look after your children and pets on the day of the move. In addition to disturbing you, it is easy for children and pets to get hurt on the day of moving because no one can constantly look after them in that chaos. When Los Angeles apartment movers come, you want your little ones to be somewhere safe where they will have fun while moving. Children and pets will enjoy hanging out with long people while you can work relaxed.


    Greet the movers

    If you have completed all the previous steps, you are ready to start your relocation day. Greet the workers of the moving company. Check all the paperwork with them and repeat what all needs to be done. Guide them through the house and briefly explain where what is going. Show them fragile items as well as furniture that needs to be disassembled and taken out. Explain to them in what order you want them to work, from which room they should start first. If you have hired one of the most reliable moving companies Pasadena, you can safely continue to do your job. Once you have completed the arrangements with the relocation workers, you can commit to other tasks that you need to complete on the day of the relocation.


    Check the checklist for the day of moving

    You should have already made your checklist for the day of moving when preparing for the move. It should contain all the important and less important things that you must not forget. Now go through it and check what you have done and what you have yet to do. You should not forget some of the following things.


    Plan meals for the day of moving

    Before the day of moving, it is important to make meals for the day moving. You need to be relieved of that obligation when the day of moving comes. If you didn’t do it on time, now is the time to plan and order delivery so you don’t go hungry. A full stomach means more energy to work. You should also pack snacks and drinks for the trip.


    Pack kids and pets favorite items

    If you have children or pets, you could not pack their favorite things until the last day. Now is the right time to pack all remaining items. You pack your favorite things in a bag to take with you. Along the way, children will surely look for their favorite toys and will be happy if you have them with you.

    A bag and a backpack with the necessary things on the bed
    If your bag with essentials is ready, you can safely move.

    Make sure you don’t forget to pack something in your bag of essentials

    For every trip, it is important to pack a bag with essentials. When it comes to moving it is much more important. When all your things are in boxes and your life looks like chaos, such a bag will save you from nervousness. You need to pack all the basic things you and your family need along the way.

    • personal things
    • documents
    • phone
    • spare clothes for the whole family
    • medically
    • personal hygiene items
    • electronics

    In addition to this bag, you should already have packed a box with the basic things you will need as soon as you enter the new house.


    Do one last check of the house before moving

    When the movers are done taking things out, check all the rooms again and make sure you bring everything you need. Check that everything is cleaned properly and that all electrical installations are switched off. If you start your moving day relaxed and stress-free and everything will go at its best. Now allow yourself to have a coffee in peace and say goodbye to the house that has been your home for a while.

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